Competition of Concentrated Awesome: "The Chase"

After many delays due to judges getting banned, people flaking, etc - we FINALLY have some winners decided!

FIRST PLACE goes to REH_BlackJack - due to the solid use of the concept, the amount of assets being used, and the quality of posing. It’s a very blatant, straight forward throwback to one of the most basic chase designs ever, and he brought it to the table in a spot on presentation.

SECOND PLACE went to Chesty, as even though he went with his standard military style of shots - he brought it to us in such a well conceptualized and thought out design that it worked flawlessly. Great editing, good use of the camera angle, and a sense of urgency are all apparent in this image.

THIRD PLACE had to go to Gudman, as with his motorcycle based chase scene (even with the crazy angle) you really get a sense of both ‘the chase’ as well as speed, motion, impact, and there’s even some super solid posing going on here.

A special note has to go out as well to those of you who tried something off-kilt, or original in the idea of this contest. Chasing hats that have flown off, old people doing wheelchair races, and even Nazi’s flipping off the cops while riding over people on an ATV show that regardless of how standard an idea is, people will CONSTANTLY try to do original stuff. Kudo you guys and for your ideas and effort, even if you didn’t win - what you created had to be given credit.

Ever see a movie/read a book/watch a cartoon (or anime) where there’s a badass chase scene? Be it on foot, in a car, in a boat, or perhaps using jetpacks or some other randomness? Well, now it’s time to bring that same sensation to the contest of concentrated awesome. Have your favorite models racing, chasing, flying, whatever - as long as it’s a chase scene and it’s fucking fantastic.


POSTING: You can submit as many entries as you like, feel free to stick them all in one post or spread them out - it’s up to you.

VOTING: No votes count, the finalists will be decided by myself and a select few others where we will gauge an image’s context, concept, editing, etc. This way we’ve entirely done away with possible voting shenanigans. Note that judges change periodically to keep opinions fresh, and depending on whether or not certain people contribute to these contests (so you ALWAYS have a chance to win).

IMAGES THAT ARE OLD WILL BE DISQUALIFIED IMMEDIATELY: If you happen to see an image that is from an old thread, just report it to me via PM with a link to the corresponding thread (showing where the image originated from) and I’ll make sure to note that it’s been discredited during the voting process.

The top 3-5 images will be posted onto my DA page in a GMOD CONTESTS gallery, where your name and ability is given full credit. Also, when time allows I will do a proper “pimping” of the images on my own site - thus giving the winners the proper exposure they deserve for creating concentrated awesome.

NOTE: The next contest should be decided during the competition, instead of afterwards. So here’s the option for what is a possibility for next week.


With super heroes you have the option to create full blown spectacles and create massively cool post production shots, and with true romance you’ll be required to rely on the subtleties of body posing, mannerisms, face posing and editing to bring out that type of expected quality. Think hard when choosing which one you want to vote on, as these contest are not only about showing off what you already CAN do, but trying things that you’ve never done before as well.

True romance man. True to the love.

Awesome, I finally have an idea for one of these

Didn’t quite come out like I’d hope but… eh

True romance would be nice, gonna make it real romantic…

Edit: Thanks hamberglar, that’s my WTF pic of the day, but i like it.

Okay, I promise I’ll actually try this time.

Awesome, finallt you made it. Been waiting 3 competitions for it :smiley:

Entry nr1

I’m allready on my posing / scene building for this contest. :keke:
Also, there is no question about the next contest: TRUE ROMANCE for me. The only thing i need to decide is if i actually participate or if i ask you to be a judge on this, since a gave you the hint for this theme. :biggrin:

I just read when the deadline is … July, 26th. That’s my birthday. Could be a good sign :biggrin:

Just something I did real quick. Inspired by one of my favorite movies, The Blues Brothers.

I hope to get something better done tomorrow. Unless my a.d.d kicks in and I get distracted by something shiny again.


My vote is for romance.

How do ya’ll pose people in cars?

Mine just look akward n shitty

Ignore tool.

Heres my first of a possible lot of entries

Romance by the way

I usually pose them sitting on something, like a door or box first. The I statue them and weld them to the box and nocollide them with the car. that way if I need to make any adjustments i can just slide the box back out and do whatever I need to do.

I hope that helped a little. I suck at explaining things but I tried anyway.

I vote Super Heroes for the next competition.

I recommend you right click the pic and press view image.

If your wondering why the spy is falling, it’s because he slipped on the ball. I also know you can’t use Bonk! while holding the intel…but I don’t care. Oh and I vote for HEROES!

Yeah folks,
i finally finished my work.

I’m going to participate in this contest with one of the most oldest chase scene that is known to mankind:
the big Dog hunts the poor little kittie

Now, i’m pretty sure that this won’t win because it’s not some chase scene with violent shootouts or big explosion that make it look more interesting but f#@k it. It was fun to work at this, nothing but this counts for me now and maybe with any luck, somebody get’s inspired by this. :wink:

Well, your pic will win, because it will include violence. That kittie is totally going to get eaten, bitten, exploded and eviscerated by the dog.

BlackJack, that’s probably my favorite so far, it’s casual and original and it’s something you could see at any day-to-day moment. Great job.

Awesome job blackjack, my favorite so far aswell

Oh yeah, it’s done!