Competition- Scrapheap Build!

So, after seeing the vanilla competition thing, and posting in it about a competition idea of my own, I’ve decided to take that into effect!

Basically the rules are; someone is to spawn a random number of random props into a big pile. 3 builders then have 3 hours to construct something out of the pile, using nothing but what is in the pile, and no addons, other than maybe a little wire.

Your goal is this; transform a pile of junk from this:

To something like this:

-No wire other than numpad inputs/outputs, and Adv. Pod controller
-Easy precision is allowed, other than that (read below)
-No other addon tools.
-No Adv Duplicator, we don’t need someone duplicating their props to get more
-No stealing other players props
-As an addendum to the previous rule, you can ask them for a prop, but they aren’t required to give you jackmonkey squat if they don’t want to
-The props spawned do not have to be vanilla by any means, they can be anything, except maybe the larger PHX props (i.e. the giant ass towers in the useful and explosive section)

How to poast:
If you have an entry, please post it in the form of atleast 3 pictures, and possibly a video if you could. You don’t have to have a video, but it will help your score.

You will be judged on appearance, creativity, and originality. I will rate you on a scale of 1-5 in each of these sections; perfect score being 15.

Judges: For a contest like this, I will need 3 other judges, just ask and I will give you judging power. However, having judging power means you can’t have an entry.


Go nuts people, and please point out any mistakes I may have made in the post.

i don’t get it, how do we decide what a “pile of props is”

make an adv dupe of a random assortment of props or something

Take karbines home as example

Op are you adam andersson and go to gullstrand skolan?

Otherwise you’re fucking identical to him.

My picture is one taken from a thread with these guys who made some stupid ass pizza thing and called it Fatpunch.

Where and When is this going to happen? This isn’t exactly something we can just jump in and do o.o It’d be cool if there was a junkyard full of props that you had to scavenge through >.> But probably not very server friendly.

All I can say is Junkyard Wars. I would be in but… Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2. 'Nuff said.

Not if all the props are frozen :V

People have a hard time digging through frozen props >.>

All right how about this, someone go into gmod and make a pile of random props, not too many, but keep it completely random.

Are you suggesting we upload an adv duped pile of props for people to use from, and see what they build? That’d be alot simpler and more interesting i think, especially if it were like, only 50 or 60 props,r ather than abuncha people fighting over one pile given a certain time limit.