Competition - Vannila Builder

ill rethink it and make a better post :smiley:

what about CS:S props? :v:

and DoD:S

no Easy Precision? =S

lol at vanilla.

Here kids, have a Playstation 3, but you can only play Playstation 2 games. HAVE FUN!

This might be a decent idea (although not one I’m intersted in) if you weren’t being so ridiculously restrictive. Seriously, you have to ask for rope, winch, hydraulics, muscles, skins, ballsocket, axis, balloons, hoverballs, thrusters, and all the others I’ve forgotten? Also you can only use a defined set of spawn lists? What about all the Combine props in my Combine Props spawnlist? They’re perfectly vanilla in that they come with the Source engine, but somehow in a vanilla building contest you have to ask to use them? That’s not vanilla.

Better guideline (also much simpler and less anal) is you should be able to download an Adv. Dupe of the contraption and spawn it without needing any other addons than Advanced Duplicator.

That way you allow all the tools like stacker, easy precision, weight tool, stuff like that - using those the contraptions you make are still vanilla, because they don’t need any addons to work.

But doing so will take the thing hard work away.

Yes it is very restrictive and i didnt think you could build stuff in this way.

It seemed a stupid idea and when i tryed it i loved it and dont stop now

If you have your own building style/niche that involves only using the things you specified in the rules list, then that’s fine by me. But calling the competition “Vanilla Builder” is incorrect, as the guidelines are tailored to your building minimalism thing rather than “don’t use mods”.

If you’re attempting to make a vanilla building competition you shouldn’t be forcing these further restrictions and minimalisms on the contestants - if you want to do that you shouldn’t be calling it a vanilla competition.

How are you supposed to know if we build something with easy precision?

It shows.

But you are only cheating your self if you do this.

@OP get back to try and forcing your self into teams in the gamemode section - And we all know the Shift+E thing, duuh…

So, When’s the deadline.Whats the prize / other reason why i should do this. Who will be judging. Etc.

Not a very well made competition. Like they’ve said, there’s virtually no way you could tell if someone used easy precision or is just very skilled at positioning props with the PhysGun.

I’ve got a contraption i wanna enter, but i had to use weight tool for the sake of the Server, since no parenting was involved. The thing ended up being TONS of fun to drive around xD Best car i ever made in five minutes.

Unfortunately, the thing doesn’t survive adv duping, so that’s the first, and last version ever made. I didn’t get a chance to get any footage of it thanks to gmod crashing. D=

And as a bonus pic, the Wired version:

PS: I built on Buttes, god forbid you limit people to what map they build their contraptions on. That’s just dumb. Maybe i wanna jump some sand dunes.

I find it strangely attractive.

Typical competition derived by a 15 year old.

Why should we restrict ourselves? That would make the quality of stuff we make be below average.

why is everyone knocking the op, what’s wrong with building with only vanilla things

building vanilla is a challenge, brings nostalgia, and is really fun to be honest. anyone can spam a million phoenix props and parent them and shove some fancy e2s up its ass, but it’s a lot tougher to take modern ideas like suspension or other complex things using only vanilla tools. it’s like building a boat from materials from an island vs a factory. any veteran of gmod9 knows this nostalgia and how fun vanilla can be. everyone has become too soft from all these mods like easy precision and wire


however i do agree that the mention to us about snapdegrees and limiting maps is a bit dumb


…in fact it’s all just structured weird

just say use only vanilla tools & props

I’m not knocking the OP because he’s proposing a vanilla competition, I’m knocking him because he’s doing it wrong and it’s not a vanilla competition. He’s saying “you must only use these tools”. A vanilla competition would be either “you can’t use any non-vanilla tools or other addons to build this contraption” or “the contraption must not need any mods installed to work”.

Mate turst me. I can build phx if i want, just take a look:


1: I’m am not now and never will be your mate.
2: I wouldn’t “turst” you with the simplest of tasks
3: Making a giant phx box on pillars doesn’t mean jack shit on FP
4: ???
5: Profit!

Nobody’s saying you can’t :stuck_out_tongue: You should rethink and repost this competition or something before this thread’s IQ hits zero.