Competitions For June -- ArmA2 Tribute - Modern Warfare for all!

To celebrate the game I will be playing for the next few months. (ArmA2) The June competitions will be all based on a team effort to design, build and demonstrate all the basics of a functioning military installation.

Make sure you coordinate with the wiremod peoples and the TT remnantz.


WM -

TT -

Level 1- Construct a base

Use terrain to your advantage. Use tunnels, garages and caves to your advantage. Layout and construct a perimeter, barracks, armory, motorpool, Command tent, target range, etc. Everything should look authentic and will be judged on the unique use of terrain and overall looks.

Level 2- Constuct Military Vehicles

I will not limit what you build in this category. Tanks, Humvee’s, Cargo Trucks, Helicopters, Fighter Jets, buggy’s, Mobile Missile platforms, etc. Go for authenticity in the looks for this too. Your job in this category is to make the the vehicles look correct and drive correct. Arming them is up to the wire heads in level 3.

Note: Mechs are not real. You cant build a mech for this comp. Sorry :frowning:

Level 3- Modern Weaponry and Intelligence

It is up to you extreme wire-heads to take the base and vehicles and put the fear of god in them… or in the enemy… whatever. A tank isnt a tank unless it can ping a target off the earth at 2000 yards. Range finding missiles, Torpedoes, Minute guns, Artillery, RPG’s must be deployed to the vehicles.

It is also up to you to to secure the base and set up the command tent. Radar, Troop/vehicle tracking, GPS arrays, wireless communication, perimeter intrusion detection are all part of a modern warfare arena.

Once you all have done your part it is required that you bring it together in one place for a basic group photo. Hand off dups to your team-mates to spawn if required. Each segment will be judged independently and vehicles will be judged based on several criteria and as a whole.


Make sure you coordinate with the wiremod peoples and the TT remnantz.


WM -

TT -

thread music

Stop doing that.

I think I’m gonna make the military vehicle. Should be done in a couple days, since I already started like 5min before this thread =)


E: Music is terrible.

It’d be cool if I could actually buy ArmA II

I’ll go with the base


I will need some help from the “Modern Weaponry and Intelligence” group, for the systems on the base :sax:

Well i wass thinkign of making a tank before this thread. You never know… Hmmmmm I think i will make one =D



goin loco with the cake what a tardhat

im gonna start this, so… we make one of the above in singleplayer/with a team and post pics/vids here?

Well its kind of hard to have a team build in singleplayer… but yeah go find others that want to help and work… Save what you have and when your ready, share it with the rest of the people that want to participate. Maybe if you post a helicopter someone might say “I can give it a head tracking machine gun” in which case you give him the dup. He improves it and the overall score for that vehicle will go up.

Ok. I can possibly do a base, and probably will make wire turrets and such. some should be done by the end of the week. I’ll hand em over to whoever wants them, and they can do whatever they want. Any map limits for the base? and can I also arm the base against intruders? and does all the stuff have to be realistic, or can I go for something crazy, like C&C3’s Nod rocket turrets?

ive started on a water vehicle (like a dday landing craft but adding features

Might do the stryker again, i lost the dupe from before.

no its intense you have no taste in music omg

Thread music.

There… That is what I want everyone listening to while building.

Make sure you coordinate with the wiremod peoples and the TT remnantz.


WM -

TT -

If i am understanding this right Zeos, is this multiple communitys working together and not just small teams?