Competitive minigames in Garry's Mod, share your ideas

I’m hosting a LAN party about 2 or 3 times a year and decided I should include some Garry’s Mod activity this time.

I already planned a contest for building your own car in 15 minutes, within certain restrictions (size, banned tools, torgue/thruster power etc.) and racing against others with it on a pre-built track. I already shared the details for the rules, so players can plan their cars before the party, but must manage to build them in 15 minutes without any mods in the actual party.

Another fun thing I’ve played before is spawning the default HL2 car for everyone and welding an explosive barrel behind each car. Then all players customize their car and create weapons for destroying barrels of other cars, the main restriction being that you can’t build protection for your barrel. It’s obviously a destruction derby where you lose once your barrel has exploded. The problem is that collision physics are pretty unpredictable and sometimes hitting the barrel hard with a huge hammer just doesn’t make it explode.

So, what kind of minigames you guys play or would want to play? I’m mostly looking for minigames that don’t require any mods and don’t take hours to play, but feel free to suggest anything.

Sinkable ships. i built a mini game of it a few years ago. you can make either completly destroyable ships or not destructable that can be sunk using explosive barrels. having an explosuve barrel with a thruster also makes a fun torpedo to sink them with

Oh god, pirate ship wars, get that map.

Play the shit out of it.

Sounds like fun! I guess I could set a rule for maximum weld strength, so the boats would be destroyable even if they aren’t made entirely out of wood. There’s no way to make any material destroyable in gmod, right?

There nifht be but there is no need. And you dont need to mess around with weld strengths. Make a boat of any size and weld several explosive barrels down each side, increase their weights so they hold the ship up and make them invisable
so people cant see them. as you destroy enough barrels the ship will start to lean over naturally. You can also weld gun turrets to explosive barrels on deck and weld the barrels to the ship so if the barrels hit you get a nice explosion and the turret falls into the sea haha