Competiton - Star Wars Pod Racer


This is the first comp I’ve started, and I have no idea if it’ll catch on

Obviously, it is a pod racer comp (Star Wars duhh),


NO homoballs
Apply force is fine
No custom models other than phx (if you want any others, ask, I may allow them)

errr that is a about it, you will be judged on:

aesthetics - looks

you guys can organise a race or something, I wont cause I’m in New Zealand so you will all lag like hell.

I’m not entering but here is an example:

I’m expecting better from atleast a few of you - you know who you are.

Edit: Submissions can just be pics, a video is prefferd, No dupe required.
Oh, and I will be the judge

Nice idea, I think more people will try if you gave out an exp2, I know I would

of what?

Controlling it? like karbines hovering exp thing

I agree with Bawa, I would try it but I don’t feel like rigging up a control system when i’m already working on something else at the moment.

I think that’s the main point, to see how people will solve the problem of making it hover properly…

cough remake of my ancient sebulba pod racer might be possiblecough

lol haddock i played with that i thought it was crAP :V

I just used a simple ranger based hover expression, basically - Thrust = (HoverHeight - Range) - ($Range)
one in the front and 1 in the back of each pod

then I fixed roll with a gyro, then added an apply force air resistance at the back, applyForce(Ent():Vel())

prob mucked something up with that applyforce, but you get the point, with mine I set the Z of the velocity vector to zero so I wouldn’t get any resistance in that axis

then I duped that, and used 2 ropes and 2 elastics to hold the pod engines together, then an advanced ballsocket for the pod cockpit


My hover hasn’t got anything on karbines etc hover expression, that is one of the reasons I’m expecting better

any rofl send me a pic, all the pod racers I’ve seen are classic funny

i actually might have a go at this

except all my hover systems suck balls grumpy you have to teach me yours please

I say the same. Release some lines of code for what you described about the rangers! That seems to be enough for anyone to manage from there by themselves. Don’t you think?

I started working on a pod racer soon after I saw yours, as of now it’s just a statue that can’t really fly, and I’m having trouble parenting it, but I think it’s a decent start.

I’ll get some pictures in a sec.


That looks bad ass but work on the part the person sits on

nice pod racer pictures

That is looking great!

This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, Thank you for contributing - looking foward 2 the finished product

Man, I haven’t been on here in tiime, I might get back into Gmod by making one of these.
Can mine have a thermal detonator thrower? :stuck_out_tongue:

It better

Pictures of an unfinished chunky pod racer

Trying oposeing vector thrusters for stablility and air resistance

Its also gunna have a place on both of the engines where, if you shove something inside it the engine breaks! :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

Well placed grenade ftw?

Oh wow that’s awesome, I should have gone for a more junked steam punk design.


Also I need some help making this thing drive, anyone wanna clue me in onto how I should go around doing this?