compilation fad

Well considering how others seem to have started theirs, I thought it might be nice to start one with my stuff, starting with older and newer ones.

To be honest I more or less consider myself a below average poser and it shows.

The stuff is more or less by date of completion - as far as I remember it.

This one is more or less just for the wtf moment behind it :stuck_out_tongue:

Oddly enough I still kind off like this one the most possibly

The FPS pose craze that took over for a while - say hello to the most godawfull rigging under the sun.

And the most recent

Have a pallet.

I always loved your stuff, keep it up!

A small update. In no real order to be honest.

Yeah still seriously have to work on my posing quite a lot.

Love your newer ones, I love the style!

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Always loved your stuff, keep it up!

Edit : holy shit I just noticed I posted the exact same message like 2 months ago. Well let’s say I’m saying it one more time because if deserves it.

Heh, thanks the two of you :slight_smile: I’ll keep periodically updating it as I make stuff here and there. Good thing google search still works.

great work. you always had talent

The last one is awesome, I just love the athmosphere in that.

The last one looks badass.

Don’t think you should be using personal skin pictures in a compliation thread. I still find the posing awfully lazy.

I only really add those that are ambiguous enough and don’t have any in thread jokes or humour. Essentially something where you could replace the models used with different ones without much of a change.

Your editing is excessively good whereas your posing is excessively rushed and bad looking.

Just one or two things I dragged up. I really don’t make a lot of stuff. Posing still as lazy as ever though. Some things just don’t change.

That’s what i call improvement.