Compilation of Call of FP: perksin warfare 2. (FPS experiment)

thanks to all involved. (you know who you are.)

Do more of these.

perhaps, if I get some motivation :confused:

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1 more added.

Lol I like it.

I laughed at the " DONT DO IT ITS A TRAP!!!"

I like it, I thought you were playing CSS with like, custom models, and huds

love it

wheres the part where i throw a sandwich at you?

IN A DLC FOR 14.99€ :smiley:

You still call me CrazyMLC. :C

Other than that, the screenshots are well made.


in real life my back pack would take the blow, but considering this is PW2, the knife would magically blow up me and the citadel infront of me

Challange accepted!

A glock with a 3 round mag? i’LL TAKE 20 OF THEM.

i was assuming to the fact that there is 3 rounds left :smiley:

The used rounds would be shown as gray shells according to cod and since the hud is cod like.

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Oh well, you are right.

what gamemode is that

Im guessing TDM