Compilation of Feature Request - In Progress


This is my personal compilation of features I and fellow rust players have spoken about =). I am *unsure *how many are listed elsewhere but this large list can serve as a center point so we may reduce the number of repeat request on this forum.

Some of these request may never be implemented but I would suggest others to add to this thread and I will update the original post reflecting the request so as to have a single list for players to view and reflect upon. Allowing the community to better serve the developers as they struggle with what ideas or features they wish to pursue.

You may **disagree **with something but please be **constructive **in how you would like it to be instead, please note which feature you disagree with with its # and why.

1 - RoadMap: Developers…We need to know all the features and future installments you have posted on your whiteboard. If we knew that then we could work with you via forums to mold the game. If this is somewhere I can not find it easily.

2 - Groups and Ranks: Add Clans/Guilds/Group Feature (Clan Leader…Ranks…etc…)

3 - Groups Permissions: Add Clans/Guilds/Group Box/Door and Item usage permissions. Allowing Clan Leaders to designate usage of certain box’s/doors/furnaces etc…

4 - Friend List: Add Friend List Feature in Game…allow users to add friends.

5 - Permission System: Add Box/Door/Furnaces…etc permissions. Most Likely a GUI Interface to interface with Friends List and quickly add that friend’s permission to use a Door/Box/Furnace etc…

6 - Durability: Add Durability of Weapons/Tools

7 - Repairing Items: Add Ability to use small percentage of original craft items for an item to repair to full. (i.e. 10 metals to make the gun so 3 metals to repair)

8 - Expand the Workbench/Furnace: Having to create a weapons bench specifically for creating weapons. Also having a tool bench for creating more efficient or specialized tools and even further having special bench for working with food to enhance food or cook
more complex but better quality food.

9 - Compass: Not as a start item but a early/middle of the road item that you can craft.

10 - Signs: Be able to create signs and place them on boxes/doors on a stick and place them into the ground. Similar to Minecraft.

11 - Batteries: For items such as the laser sight, this way you don’t just leave it on all the time and use it wisely.

**12 - FlashLights independent of a Weapon: **Flashlights that you can hold like a torch. Also Flood Lights that can be placed on top of roofs…which leads me to Power.

13 - Electrical Power: I would imagine we could start with Coal Power but then Hydroelectric, Solar, Natural Gas, Oil.

14 - Buckets/Containers: To hold liquids such as water. Allowing the user to refill a water bottle from a large container holding water.

15 - Natural Gas and Oil: I would like to think it might start as an item you can pick up with a bucket and drop in a container to be refined and then used to power a generator or create longer lasting torches or like fire and or have large Lorches that light up larger

16 - Generators/Power: In the future small and in the DISTANT future Power Plants that are player crafted etc…this could be as simply as a windmill that powers light or appliances inside a players home. Different size windmills etc…

**17 - Rivers/Streams: **This would allow users to ride down them in boats or life vest etc…and would open the door to water mills and hydroelectric power. It would make a river a more stratigic location. A location to be help and might concentrate PVP action in some locations between groups.

18 - Map: Ability to craft a map and I would side on maybe WoW Design. Maybe have the map be held similar to how it works in Far Cry 2. Where the map is blank but has basic elements maybe and as you explore it begins to be marked and a layout crated. Only areas you have explored are marked and specific buildings you find you must be close to in order to add them to the map. This would lead me to waypoints (NOT ON THE HUD,…use your compass!!!)

19 - Ladders: we need to be able to choose a length and place ladders on the side of flat and sloped (away from ladder) rocks and buildings etc…

20 - Ability to Look into other players Inventory: Now this one can go two ways. View only or like games such as DayZ…be able to steal from another player. I prefer the ability to steel. If I find a player sleeping in a hut I don’t need to kill him if I can simply rob him.

21 - Farming: Ability to go out to a field and use a tool to make it so you can plant seeds. More likely is the ability to find loose dirt, mine it, then go home and create a structure similar to a foundation and plant in there.

22 - Maximum Inventory Size: This for alpha and beta should be VERY LARGE! Eventually holding 5 stacks of wood and 5 stacks of Ore should be the max…just an example…

23 - Trading System: Allow Players to Open a GUI to trade items with each other. Think Civilization when interacting with other countries.

24 - Environmental Effects: Rain, Windy, Fog, Clouds, MoonLight (Its sooooo dark)…and a weird one I saw a while back on the forums. Ability to find a camp-fire or a furnace and tell if its warm…so you know players are near by.

25 - Medicine: Ability to have a Medical Crafting Station…so you create complex antibiotics

26 - Herbs: This would allow medicine to be a real thing. Think Skyrim! Have herbs growing all over the map and some herbs may only grow next to the ocean and some only on high mountains. These herbs can create both medicine and performance enhancing traits (faster, mine ore and harvest wood faster, run longer (see below) and basic enhancements).

27 - Running: I hate to say it but indefinite running is bad. You need to run out of stamina. This will allow people to get away from some and sadly be caught by others. Also it will force players to choose wisely when running past wolves and bears and zombies.

28 - Different Level Tools: Wood Axe > Stone Axe

29 - Different Type of Ore: Stone, Copper, Granite (for pretty housing), Gold, Silver, Iron, etc…expand on metal fragments and allow some items to be built by specific types of Ore.

**30 - Smelting: **Mixing Materials together so create items such as Steel…this would lead to needing more then just explosives to break into a house. So explosives wont be able to break a Steel Door Down like it does a metal door.

31 - Map Size: Larger the map the more solo and competitive play benefits! I have heard rumours there is another map being built…this map needs to be HUGE! At least 5x what the current map is to allow for all the items I am speaking about to make sense and not be super close together. Also to allow breathing room between players. Once a server is started people are killed simply because they run out of room to expand so they kill the unfortunate neighbours.

32 - Spawn Locations: This can go two ways…safe zones or exceptionally random spawns.

**33 - Increased Difficulty Zones: **Some Zones outside the main circuit need to be populated with more dangerous animals/zombies etc… forcing players to avoid these places until they properly prepare.

34 - Armour: I like the current system however, the change I would suggest is to allow players to craft special armour based on ingredient they harvest in the world. So instance Going straight from leather to Kevlar is a bit drastic. Lets add in wooden armor, Studded Leather, Chain mail, Mesh etc…And also we need to be able to fit more then the 4 current slots. Such as Wrist and Shoulders.

35 - Server Filtering: Allow players to filter server types, version, player count (open slots and occupied slots).

36 - Friendly Fire/Identification: Ability to know who your friend is when in a fight. I KNOW MY FRIEND NATE’s face but since there is only one model and he standing next to a guy with the SAME cloth armour they look identical so I accidentally hit him in the confusion. Allow a person on your friend list to have his name appear above their head. I play with 4 friends and I know another guy named scotty who has a few friends but I do not want to share supplies with them BUT I do not want to kill them on sight either. In the game world I HAVE MET THEM and I LIKE THEM so I recall their faces and I should be able to tell them apart from other players easily because I would recognize them if this had more then one model and was more graphical. So having their names and faction symbol above their heads is GOOD and there is no issue with it. Some people argue that takes away from the game but I argue that if I met them and see them all the time then I would recognize them so why dumb down the expeirence just because the game cannot other then that feature allow me to know whos who. Its a good fix. I WOULD NOT be able to see other players names unless I was close to them and pointing at them…unless I add them to friends list etc…

37 - Movable Items: Be able to disassemble quickly camp fires, furnaces, and any furniture items…you already built it so you should be able to pack up and leave if you need to.

38 - Door Holes: I stole this one from vinylrain as it is brilliant. Allow peep holes on a door, either holding down E and select door hole or have a sub-section area on the door that only opens the hole and not door when you click E on it.

39 - Windows: Allowing you to crate glass/metal bar windows to place in the opening of windows…then allowing them to be OPENED from the inside only.

40 - Ability to Remove Wall/Pillars/etc…: All Items built BY A PLAYER should be removable easily by the SAME PLAYER. I am not talking ARMA 2 and 3 where a enemy player can start to REMOVE you fencing etc…and it just takes a few mins or something. I mean if an enemy player comes against a wall or barricade they have only the choice to destroy it. This would allow building homes etc to progress as your Rust experience progresses. I learned early on pillars and walls are not removable unless you waste explosives and I don’t think pillars can even be blown up yet…so I put a window wall on the roof but a player used that to jump in at night and murder me in my sleep. Lesson Learned but now I cannot fix it…

41 - Player Model and BackPacks: Remove the Large Inventory Default and reduce it in size by 75%. Then when I have some ore/wood/food it is slung across my chest or on my belt or on my back and is viewable (your naked where the hell are you hiding 7 stacks of wood LOL) then make backpacks an easy thing to craft with some cloth with varying sizes. THEN when you have wood or ore or a shotgun for instance it is viewable on your back attached to the backpack. This will play two roles. 1: If you have the shotgun in your
6 fast use slots then the shotgun is slung on your shoulder and other players know you can get to it quick if needed. 2: If its NOT in your quick slots then its strapped to your backpack and you know he is not holding a weapon hidden ready to end you at a moments notice. This leads me to the next item >>>

42 - View-able Equipment: If you have a pistol/rifle/SMG/hatchet in the 6 slots for quick access. They should be viewable on your person in the form of a holster on your belt for the gun and or hatchet is hanging off your belt also etc…too many people hiding there weapons till they get close and kill you.

43 - Traps/Trip Wires for Animals or People: Simple traps to catch birds, squirrels, or small animals with string and maybe a rope. Complex Traps like a bear trap with Iron sharp edges to trap wolves, bears, or MEN! This would allow you to put these traps which can be hard to see on grass and really hard in tall grass to see…this would discourage random raiding. Also it would allow for hunting etc…

44 - Broken Legs: This ties into medicine and Traps: If you get caught by a bear trap…you have a broken leg or at the VERY LEAST some serious wound and a bone that hurts like a mofo. You should require special bandages like a splint/bandage combo to be able to move faster then a crawl. Then Heal time should be great like a5 minutes in game (if we made it a whole day that would kill the fun I think) this way you are punished but you don’t want to just log out and quit.

45 - Tablet/Mobile Phone Integration: I would like to be able to see myself in game from my phone or and more useful…if someone is hatcheting down my door or you hear people running and talking outside my home I would wake up so why not get a notification on your device saying “I hear something outside”. If you are going to force me to stay in game while sleeping then I deserve to wake up when people are trying to burn my house down or break in with loud banging.

46 - Group Symbols: An addition to names above heads or A SOLUTION to people NOT LIKING the idea of having names above players heads is to be able to create group symbols or color mixes…so our gear is automatically colors a certain way so we recognize a friendly.

47 - Factions: This would be like a super Group. Where you can add their houses etc on to your map, also see there names above their heads albeit they have a group symbol different them my own. So we can trade and work together to fight other factions or gang up on a group that has entered our area.

48 - Molding the Earth: I want a MOAT around my home and a draw bridge to enter it…enough said. Ability to use a shovel and remove 1 foot of ground maybe 1x1 sqft per use etc…

**49 - Underground Construction: **Abilty to dig down a certain depth and then build into the EARTH…this would allow us to place steel/metal/iron or w/e type ceiling and pillars to hold up the dirt and stop players from digging randomly into our kitchen.

50 - Wall Spikes: Ability to create metal spikes and in the future harder material spikes (Some that require explosives or worse to destroy) Homes are not as protective as they need to be…Wooden Walls should be breakable with a hatchet and so forth. We need to complicate the task of fortifying our homes and give the game needed complexity.

51 - Damage When Attacking Spikes: Wooden Spikes should do 2 HP od damage…metal spikes 5…(random numbers albeit) but spikes should require damage to the player when trying to destroy.

**52 - Proximity Ownership: **When I place my home down based on the SIZE (where the outer wall is) I should have a proxy ownership of all placed items in that area. This will stop trolls from going around and placing spikes in front of peoples doors…this leads me to MOVABLE ITEMS. Allowing players to move items they own and not having to destroy them.

53 - Multi-Owner Homes: Allowing through permissions to designate who is considered an Owner of a home/building.

54 - Camouflage: Allowing creation of ghillie suits and placing brush and tree debrey on my home to hide it.

**55 - Vegetation: **Adding more grass/trees/bushes etc and having them be harvest-able for the above suggestions.

**56 - Poisons: **This goes with HERBS suggestion and allows players to make poision tipped arrows/traps/bullets/hatchets etc…so maybe a slow poision so the enemy attacks slower and runs slower. lol…boy would this spice the game up.

57 - Weapon Parts Instead of Weapons: REMOVE 1 step weapon creation. Instead add in 3-10 depending on the level of awesomeness the weapon is…3 parts for a M9 and 6 parts for a AR-15. Some parts should be generic and work for any GUN while some parts should only be used to create a specific GUN!

**58 - Weapon Barrels: **Allow creation and switching out of weapon barrels for rifles…sometimes my AR-15 has a 306 barrel and is a sniper rifle and sometimes I want it to be a 556 and have a shorter mid range barrel. Easy in the real world why not add it here.

59 - Weapon Damage: Some Rifles in the Game do way too much damage. This is not BF4 on hardcore. I think it should be reduced or made incredibly hard to produce the ammo/gun.

60 - Binoculars: Duh.

61 - Multi Screen Support/Wider View Distance: Add ability to use multi screens and or add ability to change field of view.

**62 - Current Players Online: **Ability to see who is on the server currently.

63 - Skill System: If I have skinned 50 boars…I should get better at it. Add skills system for crafting quicker, harvesting quicker, increased stamina for running more often…think Skyrim and add some basic skills we can improve that would make life easier the longer you survived.

64 - Easter Eggs/Bonus Items: Reward exploration with hiding special items in places. Think Half Life 2 with those achievement of finding the half life symbol but instead make it different each time.

**65 - Queue System: **If a server is full allow player to sit in queue for slot.

66 - Vehicles: Larger Maps call for transportation. Bikes/Boats/Dirt Bikes/Motorcycles/Trucks/Helicopters

67 - Better Explanation of Items In Game: This one is hard to fight and support cause of different play styles. Ability to see the items I CANNOT CRAFT YET cause I have not found the blueprints. I support the ability to see all the items I cannot craft yet cause it pushes me to try and find those blue prints…so far I have not idea about a lot of items in the game or how people did what but if I had an item name to go with it I would have something to pursue.

68 - Fishing: Allow fishing and make it a random chance where you might catch something every 1-3 minutes.

Thank You for taking the time to read, please comment below but do not flame. Constructive responses only please.

I’d suggest you read these:

1., 3., 4., 5., 47. Read that image at top.



  3. This map is a temp for alpha gameplay, The map is currently 16x16km but the actual player area is 1/8th of that, the future map will be 8x8km.


  5. no just no.


  7. again No just no. They do plan on adding dyes to clothes.

48., 49. Digging will not be added into the game.

  1. This would limit people’s gameplay and players freedom, Read back at that image at top.

  2. Vehicles are already planned.

Some of the other things are good ideas and probably are planned for the future of the game.

There’s many points I’d like to point out, but unfortunately… I’m losing interest after reading this… so I’ll cover the ones I think are more in need of addressing.

The compass is a decent idea, seeing as it would always point north, but that would take a shitload of programming. I don’t know how it would work, but if it can be done, that would work great seeing as it’s not a map, and not coordinates… but rather just a simple mechanism to say “you’re heading x instead of N” obviously.

#18 - No. This has been suggested a ton of times. I don’t like the idea of a map, and neither do a vast majority of people. Learning the lay of the land adds a certain element of memorization and gameplay features that most games don’t offer. It’s unique to not know where you are and simply ask yourself “where the fuck am i?” a good portion of the time instead of just opening a map and “oh i need to go here, bingo, be there in a jiffy!”

#19 - Ladders… I’d like to say yes to this, but I doubt this will be for quite some time.

#24 - This has been discussed I believe. I do in fact believe they’ve talked about implementing this. I’m quite sure it will happen, give it some time.

#27 - Running indefinitely is fine. I don’t think this game needs to take the direction of WarZ where you run out of stamina and you get bushwhacked. So lets just leave this one as it is shall we?

#28 - Sounds too similar to MMORPG’s in my experience. I’d vote no on this, as there’s already a few different level tools.

#33 - Increased difficulty zones? Man you beat the same path as MMORPG’s quite often. Please, reconsider some of these.

#40 - They’ve acknowledged they’re working on potentially adding a moving system to move things you’ve placed. I’d assume only within close proximity or for fixing, but nothing that allows you to fully just reconstruct shit.

#42 - I like this. +1

#43 - Sounds good. I can agree with this.

#44 - This is already in the game as “injured” and heals rather quick, but still.

#45 - Are you 15? Build more shit. Not trying to be arrogant or an asshole, but really… if you take this game THAT SERIOUSLY… you have little to no life whatsoever.

#47 - MMORPG style. No.

#48 - Same point as 49… Again, it is not minecraft. If they decide to add this, I’ll be surprised.

#49 - You are scheming towards minecraft. This is not minecraft, regardless of it being a sandbox game. I don’t think this will ever be implemented.

#52 - Oh god. If you’re worried about people placing spikes down in front of your door… build shit somewhere else.

#53 - You’ve beaten this point more than once now… why again are you still suggesting things that have already been suggested? Redundancy isn’t going to get the point across… only make users go “TL;DR QQ NOOB” – consolidate it into one hard focal point.

#54 - Decent. I like the idea, but ghillie suits? No thanks. Camo homes / debris homes = decent idea, and I can side with it.

#56 - No. This isn’t Tomb Raider.

#57 - Been suggested numerous times. Wait and see

#59 - This has been whined about more often than you would believe. Wait and see what happens.

#62 - Suggested already.

#63 - No. This isn’t World of Warcraft.

#65 - Suggested already.

Change or customize the colors of vehicle components (eg. doors, Rims, pinstripes.)

8 fucking years later.

Years later, amazing to see how many of these suggestions actually got it to the game :astonished: