Compilation of saved pics

Well my computer broke down so I lost all of my gmod pics on that comp :smithicide: these are the ones I had on my laptop, the first ones are early work.

:frogsiren::frogsiren:EDITED BY TheJuraj :frogsiren::frogsiren:

The End :downs:

Nice pics you got there.
Zombie with the glowing eyes shocked me!

Very nice pics. They’re all quite atmospheric.


Hopefully you can get back on Gmod, 'cause you make some nice pics.

No offense, but the picture with the Falschrimjager and the recoiless gun. They would never do that simpy because the recoiless gun was useless on anything heavier than an armored car, and that is a heavy Russian tank… frontally.

Really good posing though.

Good posing. I loved the German sniper and the brits(?) mucked by the MG.