Compilation problems because of too many verts

Hello guys,

I started working on a very big map some months ago, but problems have recently arrived …
If you want to know what kind of map it is, it’s a very realistic map of the ghost town of Pripyat.
So here are my problems :

When I’m trying to compile my map, hammer stop compilling it saying that there are too many verts on my map.
Here is the complete log :

I searched a lot on google, and I saw a lot of people saying that when the error “Too many unique verts, max = 65536 (map has too much brush geometry)” happened, this is because there are too many func_detail on the map.
Some people said that using Propper can be a good idea, so I tried it, but since the steampipe update, it’s completely broken.

I’m very annoyed by this error … this map is a huge project for me, I really don’t want to stop working on it
So you’re my last hope guys, please I really need your help.

The op in this thread found a solution to get Propper working again, try and see if this will work.

thanks for the link, I tried compiling the ferris wheel into a model using a temporary source 2007 mod, but the compilation doesn’t look completed. Here’s the log :