Compilation Thread: KommunistBear (a.k.a. Phsykotik/LunaBadger)

Due to how unresponsive the thread is for unwanted pictures I’ve elected to start a megathread of any and all poses I compose.
Not gonna promise anything amazing, but for the most part it shouldn’t be terrible. Anyway, I’ll post em in thumb and if you want to respond feel free.
The majority of these will probably be in 1920 x 1080. I don’t really hop in to edit them so I never change their sizes.

Gonna start out with one I just did. Couldn’t be assed to finish it though… so it’s not really all that cool:[/t]

And for the rest:
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Then here’s a couple of those that were edited
Edited by DoubleElite

Edited by CptLemons

And then this which I only did out of sheer boredom

But yea, let me know what you think.
If you wanna take a shot at editing any of them feel free.
Make your own thread and just let 'em know I posed it.

I like this one.

Thanks, bud.

One I just made:[/t]

And others that escaped my first post:
[t][/t] [t][/t]

And of course the last with a bit of humour:

You’ve defenitely got potential because the overall composition of your pictures is quite nice.
Work on your lighting though it’s really bland most of the time.

Yea that’s definitely a hindrance for me. Somehow i always end up with only two or three light sources which are usually just lamps.

Would you say there are any instances where i’ve executed lighting well versus where it should be improved?

Awesome stuff, well done. That black and white image of the dude sitting down with the duck is great, too. I thought it was a photograph at first, haha. Lots of other marvelous ones aswell, really good stuff.

And yet another addition:

Wish I could have found a way to sort of end that far side. I don’t like how open it is, but I don’t have enough tree/forest models that are similar to make it a forced clearing in a forest.

thinking on it i really hate that contrast between the foremost plant and then the suddenly dark surroundings of it.

I really like it. At first I thought that plant was a nirnroot from skyrim, really looks like one, shape and colour (contrast you talked about etc) and such. It also reminds me of that location in Skyrim with the glowing blue mushrooms. Overall, I really like it.

The latest from me

Also posted a thread for this one:

Sorry for not responding.

Most of the time your pictures would really benefit from 3-Point Lighting and Ninjanubs Lighing Tutorial, it helps giving the whole thing more depth!

Here for example some outlines would have helped to make the main character more noticeable!

this whole ‘lighting’ thing is just nuts.
i don’t know what looks good and what doesn’t.

And another, finally.

Getting lazier :confused:

New one! Woo. I don’t know how to finish these; like, I feel like this scene is incomplete.
I also don’t know if what I need is some final training in game, or if they’ll only be super pretty with editing.[/t]

And links to:
Full-size Red Sky
Ridiculously Large Red Sky
In case you feel like editing it, I suppose.
Feedback is appreciated!

Just throwing this in as an edit so it doesn’t get bumped to the top for a mediocre image

“Arr n Arr”

Something unique and something cool as well as something doable seems to be a trinity i will never find again :confused:[/t]