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Oh cmon you didn’t even try

Working on a new pic that will hopefully be better, I just need to know how to make text borders in gimp.

I tried Effects>Filters>Decor>Add Border… but nothing happened.

Do not worry about borders, worry about posing, and your graphics, both which stink.

I have my graphics up as high as they’ll go. I only had jpeg quality at 90 for these two pics but my newer one has 100.

As for the posing, I agree. I put more time into my newer pic but looking back at it it could use touching up.

Will work on tomorrow.

don’t even think about thinking about editing until you can pose properly.

also, i’d find more interesting subject matter. two ragdolls standing opposite each other making vague gestures isn’t really something anyone here is going to be interested by, unless they’re a huge creepy nerd and have a huge hardon for the models you’re using

Rule of thumb:
If you have shit posing and edit the screenshot, you’ll be polishing a piece of shit. Sure, it’ll be shiny, but in the end it will still be a pile of shit.

Also two images =/= Compilation


I’ll be adding more, and when I get better ones up I’ll remove the shitty ones.

great compilation.
massive ammount of pictures.
im utterly flabbergasted.

really this is terrible and you should be ashamed.
I seem like an asshole but please make a compilation thread when you have more pictures and when you can pose better.

I’ll make another one when I get more pics if people stop bumping this.

Poster below should be ashamed.