I don’t know if you call 9 pics a compilation but of course I’ll be adding onto it as I make more.

“The Hunters Become the Hunted”
“Trunk Uppercut”
“Link Goes to Silent Hill”
“Link Goes to Silent Hill” (No text)
“This is how we do it in the Bush”
“Sniper and a 1 Ton Reptile, What Could Happen Next?”
“Salut to the Great Cargo Ship”
“Buddy, Just Calm Down…”

Interesting fact: 5 of these were made on Upward, on the same save. :v:

Rate & Hate if you shall, but at least tell me what’s wrong with a certain picture.

Also, remember to rate box if you love it!

I rated box before I knew it was a box of love…
and usually a compilation consists of pics that show your development on the forum and your skills (or at least mine was) or can be the best of the best of your pics, this is neither, they’re all the same, horribad.

Oh good, one hour later, 3 box ratings and one post that doesn’t even describe how my pics are bad

This can only get better from here.

Compare this to the contents of the other compilation, and that should be enough.
I’m just saying why this thread shouldn’t really be here, and all you can do is complain.

Put effort into them.

Well, given that it’s only been like half a year since he’s been doing this, it’s hard to show progress in a short amount of time.

And you. Just because individually people didn’t find these remarkable enough to post on doesn’t mean that combined they amount to something worth talking about. In the screenshots forum, you’re lucky to get 5 replies before it sinks to oblivion, and if one of them actually helps, you’re really lucky. Your screenshots are neither good nor terrible, they’re generally bad, but not bad enough to garner attention. Stop whining after every post and take what constructive criticism you get. You want a tip to improve? See what threads are getting positive comments, take notes how that person did something, and try to replicate. There’s no formal tutorial or one piece of knowledge that one person can give you. Posing and editing is a very individual process. You need to find your own way to produce quality work; no one is going to hold your hand.

What gets me is if he even needs one for the amount time he’s been here.
I told myself to see where I was in a year before I thought about making one (almost a year) waited until 2010 to do it.