compile big models (over 10mb) with studiomdl?

Hi all i just want to know if its possible to compile really large models with source studiomdl?

Because i encounter some problems when i try to compile a monument model thats really huge. When i drag and drop my .qc file on studiomdl the DOS window opens but it stops at one point for around 20 seconds.

Here is a picture.
After it “tries” to compile its just simply closes the DOS window and nothing is compiled afterwards.

The size of the .smd file is 9.88Mb. Well i’ve searched in the net for hours but i found nothing to solve my problem.

With small models like small buildings, trees, cars, etc everything works fine and it compiles properly.

I would suggest to simply not mess the the limitation and split up the model into multiple SMDs, or use the DMX format.

Okay i’ll try to split the model into multiple SMDs.

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Thanks dude it worked perfectly by simply splitting the models up into multiple SMDs.