Compile the blobs!

i cant use my compiler (dont ask) so i need yours. DOWNLOAD, COMPILE, UPLOAD TO GMODFILES, NOT GARRYSMOD.ORG (again, dont ask)
so here:


i know its double posting, i need these compiled.

What’s up with the compiler? It might be easier to fix the problem now, so you won’t have this issue again.

its unfixable. could someone at least try?
…unless you happen to have a standalone compiler sitting around.

It’s probably not too unfixable, care to at least say what the problem is?

If it a prop you could use this (which is a stand alone compiler):

they’re ragdolls. and the problem is with steam. FIXING IT RUINED IT.
oh and you want the materials path to /models/blob/blob

That compiler should work for ragdolls, just not anything with OB properties.

whats OB? and it just gave me a prop. if someone compiles these, can they resize them? :frown: they were kinda small

OB = Orange Box. What is this, essentially a blob of mass a presume?

Did you use a custom QC?

OB is the Orange Box engine, it has different settings available when compiling such as jigglebones.

yes, it was a custom qc. (if making my own for the model (not on the compiler)means that)

and the blob came out really small, so i made a bigger one.

You use collisionjoints?

Also you can just use $scale <float> to scale models, you dont need to actually scale them unless your including flexes.

collisionjoints? sorry, these were my first ever attempts at modeling. a good thing to practice with eh? :biggrin:

Yea thats how you ragdoll something:$collisionjoints

That’ll be why your model came out as a prop and not a ragdoll.

oooooooh… that explains a bunch. thanx!

PS. kill this thread

np :smiley:

I’ll get the axe.

:eek: eek! dont kill this thread yet! :eek:

i used $collisionjoints, but it still came out as a prop. :frown:
ill upload the “blurm” (blob worm) model (with skeleton) (*.3ds format), and see if you can compile it as a ragdoll. ok?

:eek: eek! dont kill this thread yet! :eek:

how do i attach a file?

the texture needs to be “models/blob/undefined.vmt”. i’ll take it from there.

You have to specify the joint constrains fo it to actually work as a ragdoll (it does say this i’m sure on the wiki link I gave you), though usually if I don’t do joint constrains on a collisionjoints model it gives 180 rotations on all axis (which is odd).

Its best to use HLMV to set them up as its easier to see how the joints will work in-game from what your doing (and it has useful sliders to test them).

Dislodges Axe from thread and covers up the hole

model viewer doesnt work… :frown: