Compile this Moxxie for me?

Hey there, I was looking through some files I salvaged from my other hard drive and came across this basically ready-to-compile Moxxie ragdoll. If you don’t know much about Borderlands, she’s one of the characters you receive quests from and such. She was part of a DLC.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the model in 3DS Max.

She’s rigged to the original Gearbox biped and everything. I don’t know shit about writing up a proper QC file for ragdolls, like flexes and stuff, so that’s why I’m asking. If someone’s willing to do it that would be awesome.

I even got the textures set up for Source too. VMTs are written up and everything. The archive contains a 2011 .max scene file (if you use an older version of 3DS Max, this file won’t load), a .obj, and a .fbx variant, just in case. Here’s the download:

I don’t know what kind of incentive I could offer but I’d really appreciate it if someone were to do this. I’m sure other people want more Borderlands characters anyway. There’s been request threads in the past. I can provide any kind of model really, it’s pretty easy to extract content using Umodel.

PS: There’s a bone for her boobies. Just keep that in mind for any…“finesse” you may wish to enact while scripting that QC file. :slight_smile:

No takers? Oh well.

MY GOD why will no one do this?

I’ll see what i can do ;D
as in im gonna try to

Can you tell me when it’s compile for gmod?
I want it, it’s awesome…

me? k…but thats if it happens

UPDATE: I have compiled it but i need to fix some stuff so wait a little more.
Oh sorry I left the model, I was doing other stuff I will get right on it.(keep in mind it’s my first model )

Well it is now april almost May is it finished?

when will be done??