Compile time going insanely long on Buildvisleafs

now, i am not going to post the compile log, because i just want to ask if this would be the correct way to fix this:

so after i got angry at how long it was taking to compile i thought, wouldnt putting hint brushes on the more erm, complicated brushwork(this is kinda a wasteland refugee camp, so i have alot of small detailed brushwork, and alot of small adjustments in angles) would fix the problem?

is this the correct way to do it?

if not, what IS the correct way to do this easily?

Nodraw non-visible faces, group complex brushwork and tie it to func_detail. Hint brush is more for use in this situation:

that’s if his VVIS is going slowly

if it is your BuildVisLeafs that is taking a while, raise the lightmap grid on surfaces which don’t need detailed shadows.

i did, almost every solid non-special surface is 32, 64, or 128

Those leaves would be ideal, but in reality, VVIS will make more than one leaf per room unless you use func_viscluster.

Make non 90 degree angles and such into func_detail (unless it is attached to the void)