Compile Window is Not Responding

Almost every time I compile my map to test it, the compile window says its not responding even though it still compiles and lunches the map. This is kind of annoying and if I compile bigger maps then I won’t know if it’s working or not. Can someone help me with this?

That’s how it works.

My friend’s never did that, oh well stupid hammer.

That happens when you start doing stuff whilst it is compiling like bringing up internet browsers and going back to view the compile process.

It just means the program hasn’t updated windows for a while. Its fine.

batch compiler, get it

Why, the compile window is still working. I use the inbuilt stuff…i’m that pro.

batch compiler are much more stable, use less resources, and is faster.

If you are compiling a well optimized map you won’t need a faster compiler. And more stable? I have never really had any problems with compiling other than when the map is the reason.

I just figured it bothered him not seeing progress or any movement, it did me, said it didnt respond but it was working. Its just annoying feeling like your getting nowhere, and in the back of your head you’re thinking; maybe its really not responding, maybe all this is a huge waste of time.

I have never once used the batch compiler, nor see the need to

Same actually, always have, always will.

on windows xp the compile window worked fine, on vista and 7 it has become unresponsive, or atleast so windows thinks. its a bit crap but you’ll get used to it.

Ya, I have 7. It’s a bit annoying, but I’ll just deal with it, not to much to worry about. Don’t feel like accidentally messing up hammer or windows somehow(more than they are already).

just wait.
it seems like its frozen but itll be ready in a while.