Compiled decay/repair/maintenance thread

Looked through other threads such as this and that and they still didn’t answer my questions, only raised extra questions. Another motivation for this thread is that the OP of the ‘Rust Ingame FAQ’s’ is banned and he will not update his thread anymore.

So, let’s get to this. If anyone disagrees with anything or knows anything then I will be obliged if you share your knowledge. Also feel free to ask questions if they are relevant to decay and stuff.

>Structures decay top to bottom.

>Doors decay faster than walls etc.

Questions/Unconfirmed theories. Post if you know anything about these:
>Your walls will not begin to decay before your roof is gone.

>Metal and wood structures decay at the same rate.

>Opening doors on a regular basis prevents decay completely/partially/only prevents complete breakdown.

>The things that don’t decay are workbenches, furnaces, beds, stashes and storage boxes.

>Having a campfire burning once in a while inside a room prevents the decay of that room. What is a ‘room’? Does it only count the foundation/square where the campfire is placed?

>Spike walls decay quite fast compared to all other structures (happened to me).

>How does repairing work? I had metal fragments equipped on my hotbar and I right clicked, left clicked, held the mouse buttons, spammed the key that the fragments were bound to but the number of fragments did not change and nothing happened, I could not repair my metal doors that were placed 2 days ago.

>Can metal doors be repaired instantly after being hit with a c4/grenade?

>Is there visual indication of decay for any structures?

I think my mates told me that to repair a spike wall, you need wood in your hotbar, then target the spike and press hotbar number to repair and it will consume 1 wood fer 50 hit point to repair (i think small spike wall has something like 1300hp).

I also heard that block that were decaying started turning black or a darker colour.