Compiled model nothing appears?

Hey fellas i’m a newcomer to this modeling stuff and after a few days I finally managed to compile a model but when I try to use it in sfm or even open it in model viewer nothing shows up, not even a grid!

Here’s my .QC file

$pushd “C:\Users\leo\Desktop\Stuff\Things\Photo\Model”
$modelname “props/photo.mdl”
$body photo “photo.smd”
$surfaceprop “paper”
$cdmaterials “models/props”

$sequence idle “idle.smd” loop fps 1

$collisionmodel “photo_phys.smd” {
$mass 1

Also, here’s my VMT

“$basetexture” “models/props/photo”
“$surfaceprop” “paper”
“$model” 1

Does it show up if you turn on wireframe mode in the model viewer?

If it does, it’s the texture. If it doesn’t, it’s the model or the qc. Let us know what you find out.

Although if you can’t see the grid it’s probably the model. What program are you exporting your model from and are you sure it’s scaled to a size that would normally be used in Half-life?

Sorry for the late response, i found out it was because the model was so small it was in between one of the grid’s squares which was why i wasn’t seeing one. I’ve rescaled the model so it’s fine now!

But now i’m onto another problem, the model i’m using has transparent textures which were fine in blender but when compiled I the model appears as below.
Also in model viewer if I were to rotate the model to view underneath it, it would become invisible.


Model Viewer

I know this is something on my end, how would I correct this?