Compiler keeps crashing and stopping SDK from opening.

Whenever I compile my map, the compiler will go along happily until it starts VVIS. Then, it gets about halfway through that and stops responding. So I close the compiler and hammer, and now the SDK is “currently not available”. I then have to restart my computer (just restarting steam won’t do it) for SDK to even want to open. And I can’t post the compile log because it freezes once it gets somewhere random in vvis and I can’t copy it in time. Does anyone know what may be causing this? Thanks!

When you compile, and it freezes don’t shut down Source SDK.

Optimize your map so it doesn’t take forever to compile.

Okay, so it should still keep going after it stops responding? And the map isn’t big, its 512 units wide, 512 units deep, and 256 units tall, and there are less than 200 brushes… still, I’ll check out that optimization page you posted.

And I figured out that when I shut it down, vvis.exe was still running in the processes tab of task manager. Ended it, and SDK works like a charm.

VVIS doesn’t stop responding, it takes forever because your map is horribly optimized. Optimize it and it will take 1/10 of the time it’s taking now.

And by saying that you have something near (assuming?) 200 brushes in a confined space, have you considered turning some of the details into models with propper or just using a prop_static instead of brushwork?

Yes, I just revisited the map a while ago and fixed the problem (i was using a “hollow-box” skybox) and turned several of the details into props. It now compiles in less than 10 seconds and all is well. =D