Compiling a map destroys my Source Engine lighting until reboot

Well I’m making a space build map for a server and it’s going along very nicely. So I do a compile like normal to see how it looks, and then when it loads up in game OH NO. Everything is very VERY bright and there are NO shadows. I tried compiling other maps only to have this happen to the same effect. I reboot my computer and vwah la, other maps I compile work fine until I compile my SB map.
I troubleshooted further and noticed that VVIS.exe crashes immediately without me knowing. I made multiple debug maps to work-around this problem, but as I noticed, any brush I copy from my SB map will crash VVIS. So weird huh?
So that’s why I’m here… because I’ve exhausted every option that I have learned in fixing a problem.
(I also did alt p to check for errors. and I checked for leaks, etc. built cube-maps.)

What game are you using for SDK?

Ah, I tried Episode 1 and 2. (same results)

Well, I don’t quite know your problem. Are you sure your F9 compiling menu has Vrad or Vvis check to Normal and not Fast?

Well I’ve been compiling it on fast, because my map is a bit big. Should I reboot then try doing it on normal?

Yes. Can I see your computer’s specs too?

sure thing, Intel Quad Core Q8200 @ 2.33 GHz, 8GB DDR3, Windows 7 Ult. 64 bit, 1000W PSU, Sapphire Radeon 5750 w/ 1gb gddr3.

I do believe that is all that is important for compiling a map, but if you need more I can provide more info for you if it is required.

That’s enough. Did it compile with the Normal settings on all of the options?

Thought about posting the compile log? (do you guys still do that to find errors now days or do you just go all trial and error for hours at a time)

Alright type in the console mat_fullbright 0 in the console, that will fix your lighting problem in other maps, im not sure why your map is setting that setting to 1.