Compiling assistance Xnalara to GMOD

I’ve tried using mariokart’s XNAlara converter script to port this into GMOD,. I’ve prepared the phymodel, reference, and the ragdoll.smd,.
I’ve used the bones extracted by the script and tweaked some weights and removed some bones,. also renamed the fingerbones to valvebiped. (only two finger bones from the script)
but when I try to compile it, GuistudioMDL just keeps on freezing and not finish. the other models I rigged compiled just fine,. but this one wont.
did I make errors? can anyone check on it? or can anyone try and compile it?

get the model HERE(note: i didn’t include the textures)

thanks in advance

my friend had the same problem, I’m actually in the process of updating my xnalara script.

the problem here likely is because the materials in 3dsmax are not simple textures. theres modifiers, that manipulate textures together, which may cause issues on export.

I can of course port this for you if your still having troubles. but thats the only thing I see wrong

I’m kinda trying to learn so I won’t bother you guys next time.
gmod porting community is not so active lately compared to Xnalara’s, and I know you guys are busy.
so If materials are most likely the cause of this, would removing the materials fix it?

EDIT: tried removing the materials, It still freezes,. lol,.
EDIT2: I just noticed that there’s a “ERROR–Submaterial with index 0 (used in node generic_item) doesn’t have a bitmap as it’s defuse texture” error popping out if I try to export the SMD. what does it mean? and how do I fix it?

You fix (the simplest way) by just drag and dropping the respective texture file on the part of the model it corresponds to.

he’s right, otherwise you’ll have to wait until I update my xnalara script. and I’ll add a feature to having diffuse maps only. that’ll make it best for gmod porting.

thanks guys!
I think I’ll just re rig it using custom bones,. it might be one of the reasons why it always freezes,.
and I’ll surely be waiting for mariokart’s xnalara script update,.

curious, if you’re remaking the script, any chance to make it also support the new version? XPS or something.
While it possible to save as nonbinary, compile to old binary and load into max, direct support for the new version would be better.

I asked the author of XPS, and in a nutshell he said NO

he went on saying his mesh format is proprietary (means he owns rights to the format, and its illegal to hack it)
then he continued to say that he frequently updates the format… (which means if I support it, he’ll just change the format so that my script no longer works on them)

I can probably code my script to target mesh data only and ignore his stupid header all together…

also Ascii and Bin was supported on import in previous versions. but Bin was not supported in export, because previously editing the Ascii file was the only way to set materials.

Anyway since I’ve written a material editor, thats not the case anymore. So yeah I’ll try to get around to programing Bin export support

which by the way I need someone to help me, who knows xnalara and XPS in and out.

my Skype is;

ok, so I’ve successfully compiled a model,. every weight is ok,. and I can load it into sdk model viewer,.
my only problem is the textures,.
I know drag and drop puts textures on the model, but whenever I do it,. the hair texture also affects the body,.

so, How do I put textures on specific parts of the model without destroying the rig/weights?

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out myself,.
here comes a new problem,. when I view her on sdk model viewer, some of her parts are transparent/see through,. what could be the reason?
EDIT2: nevermind again, I figured it out again,. it was the translucent on the VMT,.
thanks anyways

Excuse ummm. Could you send that XNALara script, please?

You can find the script HERE

the script doesn’t support the new XPS models,
and you have to fix the materials.

Oh this is this :frowning:

I thought it is script which from XNALara convert to gmod (without 3dsmax :frowning: )