Compiling Error

Hey, when I try to compile my map, it says at one point something along the lines of could not locate ‘gamedata’ key. This is causing my compile to not finish properly which I am pretty sure is the cause for my map being very bright with no shadows.

Thanks in advance.

you can ignore the gamedata key missing error but if you really want to fix it put , GameData halflife2.fgd if your using that .fgd which has to be in the same folder as Hammmer in the gameinfo.txt of the game your mapping for :slight_smile:
but i suspect the failed compile is down to some other error post your compile log :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, I can’t really post what my compile log is, because the compile screen freezes once it reaches that point. I left it for an hour and nothing changed :confused:

you should still have a .log file where the vmf is kept unless you closed down hammer but you might have part of a log file there :slight_smile:

Oh yea, here:

Don’t worry about those materials.

So to fix that gamedata thing, I go into the gameinfo file, and add a line saying GameData (Don’t know what to put, I am using hammer from the gmod bin, but I am using css textures in the map)

you’d have to put GameDatta garrysmod.fgd :slight_smile: i think its named right

Edit your displacements have nodraw texture , when you make displacement you only select the face you want to displace not the whole brush :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, but sorry I am editing a map for a friend, I don’t know a lot about hammer, I am still learning, I know what displacements and no draw textures are, but I don’t know what you mean by Edit your displacements have nodraw texture.

this should help you under stand displacement making

Ok thanks for all the help so far, I am currently reading that, but what did you want me to do to the displacements exactly?

using the displacement tab select the faces withh no-draw on them then click distroy and it will either turn them back to to brushes or remove them from the map :slight_smile:

There is only one face on the displacements, I go under the displacements and when I look up, they are just invisible and I can see what is above them.

do another compile with fast vvis and post the compile log again :slight_smile:

By fast vvis, do you mean I set all the options to fast, or do you want me to go into expert mode and do something. If you want me to go into expert mode, could you please tell me what to do from there? :slight_smile:

when you run map in the tab that pops up click expert than next to the default is an arrow click that and you should see fast in the list click that then compile :slight_smile:

Alright here you go, I am still getting that gamedata error though :confused:

if your using Gmod hammer the top part of the gameinfo.txt should look like

game “Garry’s Mod”
title “”
title2 “”
type multiplayer_only

"developer" 		"Facepunch Studios"
"developer_url" 	""
"manual"			""
GameData garrysmod.fgd

it looks as if vrad is crashing an you need to optimise the map tis should help you out with that :slight_smile:

Alright, There is not really much more I can optimize, the map is very open and there are already no draws everywhere all of my buildings are func_details. But I will see what I can do.

Ok, the game data issue was fixed, but it still freezes.

use func_viscluster in the open space ground to sky , dont let it touch any water should help you help :slight_smile:

Alright, I will try that out, thanks :slight_smile:

The tutorial says I draw it around solid geometry, does that mean I will have to draw it around props or func_details? Can it touch displacements? Or should I just draw it from the highest point of my map and the skybox?