Compiling errors

Hello guys!

I have recently modded a model in 3ds smd format and when I attempted to compile it in milkshape it give me an error that says, ************ ERROR ************
too many vertices in model: “./reference”

Everything is helpful!

My qc $modelname “C:\Users\Clint\Desktop exture aina.mdl”

// Directory of .SMD
$cd “\Users\Clint\Desktop exture”

// Directory of .BMP
$cdtexture “\Users\Clint\Desktop exture”

// Write textures into a ???T.mdl

$scale 1.0

// bodygroups: use relative path from $cd
$bodygroup body
studio “./reference”

// sequences: all sequences are in $cd
$sequence seq-name “sequence” loop fps 38 ACT_IDLE 1

write what is the error

Anyway, I wouldn’t reccomend using a Milkshape generated QC. Milkshape was primarily for GoldSrc (HL1 and such). Take a look at the source files in sourcesdk_content/hl2mp/modelsrc/humans_sdk and build from those. Secondly, what is the polycount on your model?

I forgot to add that I am a new model creator. I don’t understand everything just yet.

I looked inside, depot_211_dir.vpk located in the SourceSDK’s vpks, I see all the joints and things, I’ll see what I can do.

What program am I using to compile? Milkshape 3D?

Another thing, what is polycount? Sorry for asking, I just am curious.


Use Crowbar for compiling qc files. As for the 3D program, I suggest Blender or 3ds Max because those are the commonly used programs and don’t have as many problems as Milkshape.

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I also think I heard that Milkshape was not supported anymore.