Compiling help

hello all can someone plz tell me what program i need to use to import a model into gmod format ?

There are several compiling tutorials here that can be found using the search.

Basically, you need to write a .qc or use a program that does it for you and run it through a compiler like studiomdl that comes with the SDK. Other, easier programs include Studiocompiler and GUIStudioMDL.

StudioCompiler and GUIStudioMDL are not easier to use than just dragging a qc onto a shortcut to StudioMDL, also GUIStudioMDL doesn’t seem to be able to compile for Orange Box, as when I tried compiling something with jigglebones with it set for Orange Box it just said “unknown variable $jigglesbone” or something like that (which is the same as what it says with the ep1 configuration). Had to use a .bat for studiomdl with -orangebox ¬.¬

These might help: