Compiling map broke?

so i wanted to compile my map but for some reason it only compiles the geometry
in hammer:

in game:

the physics object and the new triggers arent there
i havent tried restarting hammer but why does this even happen


Well, triggers are invisible afaik… otherwise idk, might have misunderstood the question. Please remember that this isn’t that strange tho and that you’ll have to expect it to happen sometimes. They’re modifying the engine as of right now probably, it is destinied to be unstable during dev.

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The triggers were kill triggers so they would Instantly kill me but I could go through where they should be without dying so that’s how I knew it wasnt there

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There’s no “view everything” mode in s&box, no? Just cos I have a memory that “kill” has to be setup. Otherwise maybe reinstalling could help. Idk, try fully recompiling/making a new test map and try compiling, and track down the issue(does it compile after save? When does it stop working? Is the file updated?)