Compiling/Modeling Question

When I try to compile my model in MilkShape, an error appeared saying I have too many normals.

I checked, and I have 1 normal for every vertex! I haven’t even smoothed out the model yet, so I 1,436 vertices and 1,436 normals.

Any way I could reduce the normals with out having to re-size, and re-rig the model again?

…Use 3Ds max. It is free if you say you’re a student.

He doesn’t need a modelling program.

Use GUI Studio Model, it works better than and other compilers out there.

GUI studio model is the default compiler with a broken gui put on top. Just use studioMDL if you ask me.

On top of that he’s not having a problem with the compiler it seems. -

To fix - I guess look for some autosmoothing fucntions on milkshape. Honestly I’ve never used that 3d package.

I wish I knew how work GUI or Studio Compiler.