Compiling Models(Partner Possibly)

I was just making a test with a cylinder thing in milkshape, I watched and awesome tutorial. All the files are called “test”, so look at the following: I have the vmt and vtf in the materials/models/test folder. I also have the compile folder with compile.qc, test.smd, and test_collision.smd. I do not have sourcesdk and I tried guistudio and tried skipping it’s steps of requirements for sourcesdk, but it says something studio.exe cannot be found. So I might need a partner, or I might be a bother for someone to constantly help me compile the final results for me on this forum.

I also have some pretty neat models and I might edit other gun skins to put it on mine and give credit to them of course.

Extract here with Winrar and you’ll get the compie and test folder.

You either pirated HL2 or some other source game because they all come with Source SDK. If you haven’t, why do you need help compiling something for a game you don’t have? Not trying to be mean, and I would help, but my computer had a motherboard problem and is currently being fixed. I am on a computer that doesn’t meet the requirements. But if you wait a week or so, I could help you compile it.