Compiling Problems

I have been waiting to release this for a day now, but I cannot solve this problem with my Source SDK files. When I try to set the Tools Paths in GUIStudioMDL, I am missing the GameInfo.txt in both Ep1 and orangebox folders. So I try to run vconfig.exe to create the missing file, but it returns the error “The program can’t start because Steam.dll is missing”. But I have Steam.dll, in my root Steam directory. So the Source SDK Wiki says this means I should validate my GCF Files, so I do this, for Episode 1, and Source SDK. Both say successful, files are all there. But I still have the same problem.

I have tried CannonFodder’s StudioCompiler aswell and it gives me similar problems. I have search a lot for solutions, but can’t figure it out.
I never had these kinds of problems when I used to model for source.

vconfig is all screwy, launch sourcesdk and set the game from there. And also, start up they game you are compiling for at least once.

Thanks, can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Now just texture and scaling issues, then release.