Compiling request - Please help!

I’ve been doing a map of a warehouse and the surrounding city for a request
I have the finished map as a VMF but my computer is unable to compile anything bigger than about 5000x5000 units. I’ve checked the map for faults but cant see any. The previous versions compiled but it is now to large and it crashes when doing the visleaf thing.

Please could someone compile the map for me and send it to me:


That’s some pretty shitty optimisation you got there.


  • Func_detail small/complex brushwork (this includes cylinders)
  • Don’t put too much detail into objects the player will never see close up
  • Use 3D skyboxes to your advantage (for all those small little buildings in the distance)

Well your map isn’t optimized at all so of course you’re having compile problems. Read this and apply it to your map, after that you should be able to compile easily.

In all honesty, optimizing while mapping is alot easier than going and optimizing after the map is complete. What I do is create a brush out of nodraw, texture the side(s) that players will see, and repeat. If it is a special brush (One I used the clip tool on, an arch, cylinder, etc.,) I func_detail it.
Those are the two most basic optimization techniques, and amongst other things, are some of the easiest.
The link above will explain it all (posted by Cruma).

Mmm once again I’d like to address the issue of nodraw as an optimization technique being over-hyped massively. This died down for a while but it seems it’s back.
VBsp automatically removes any faces from the map that are either touching the void or completely covered by another, meaning that most faces you nodraw are going to be removed anyway, assuing you build your map properly, don’t carve etc.

Want proof of this? Noclip outside the map. You can see back in right? That’s because the outside faces of the skybox have been removed.

Just a heads up that this is only really useful in 2 places.

  1. Where a large prop entirely covers a face
  2. On high roof tops which the player will never see, and even then the memory and bsp size savings are minimal.

That is all, thanks for your time. would explain alot!
thanks for the link, I don’t think ill be having these problems again:)