Compiling Software...

Hi there. I am just getting into modelling and I have all software I need but one-compiling software. Most of the software out there is such a pain to use, and I need a software. Anyone have good and easy compiling software to use for Garry’s Mod? Thanks to those who answer.

To use Crowbar, you need to have Source SDK installed in Steam under the “Tools” category in your games library.

You will need to install Source SDK, Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer, and Source SDK 2013 Singleplayer. Once they’re all installed, you’ll need to run each one of them once.

Then you can look into Crowbar (which glarkon has linked you to), which should handle all of the work for you.

Just wanting to point out that this bit isn’t necessarily required. Installing the necessary SDKs should be enough without having to run them.