Compiling TF2 Models With Items

I have searched everywhere for any form of tutorial but have not found how to compile tf2 models with items so they can be pre-attached without using bone merge in game. For example I am trying to have the abhorrent appendages and lake monster mask pre-attached and part of the model. I do believe it involves decompiling and recompiling which I can do I just don’t know how to decompile the model then attach the items then recompile. Any help will be appreciated. Thank You

What I do is I weight-paint the items to the model in a modeling program.
Usually when you bring both the item and the character model into the program, it should just automatically bring the models together out of memory.

Well I thought for sure there was a way by decompiling but i 'all keep that info in mind. And is there any specific modeling program

Nope, any will do
I use Blender, but most people here seem to favor 3ds Max.

And the modeling programs won’t interfere with the rigging.

I’d personally decompile all three models, and then set the mask and the Appendages to be bodygroups, so they can be turned on and off.

Why don’t you want to use bonemerging, anyway?

See thats the method I was talking about but one thing is I can’t find the model files for the items

The models are all in tf2_misc_dir.vpk. The Pyro model is models/player/pyro.mdl, the mask is models/workshop/player/items/pyro/hw2013_head_of_the_lake_monster/hw2013_head_of_the_lake_monster.mdl, and the Appendages are models/workshop/player/items/pyro/hw2013_the_abhorrent_appendages/hw2013_the_abhorrent_appendages.mdl.

Ok I found the tf2_misc_dir but instead of a .vpk file it says its a source game addon

Do you have the latest version of GCFScape?

I do know I have GCFScape but not sure if I have the latest version

It worked I got each of their folders extracted to my desktop and have the pyro model decompiled. Do I decompile the items aswell.?

Yeah, you would need to decompile the items.

OK I have all three decompiled. Now what would I do from here?