Compiling window's freezing

I’m not using any unusual objects and I have no leaks, just brushes and a standard everyday Entities (no vehicles), but my compiling window freezes when it gets to this point:

I let it keep going for half and hour, and nothing happened. Once I closed the window and Hammer crashed (as it seems to always do if you quit in the middle of compiling), my 4 cores all shop up to 100% and the computer was barley moving. This happened twice so far with the same result. :S

Have you reset Hammer/SourceSDK/your computer?
How big is the map?

Optimization issue. You should really learn to optimize your visleafs to lower the amount of time portalflow takes. Right now I can assume that this map will take a few hours (maybe even days) to finish PortalFlow (It didn’t crash, it just takes forever).

I am going to have to say you need to optimize your map some more I had the same problem with my TF2 map which it would get stuck for hours/days I know when I optimized my map and did it right the time on the VVIS went from never getting done to almost three hours but my map is very big.

You still haven’t optimised fully. A TF2 map should never take that long to compile.

Well it seemed to work when I removed three tiny 5-sided cones. IT only seems to make this error when I have even one tiny brush about 6x6 inches or less.

Please tell me those cones were func_detail.

Judging from his problems, they were just brushes. I have no idea, though, why you’d have brushes smaller than 6^3 units :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, not as a func_detail :stuck_out_tongue:


Or a small piece of wall or something, it doesn’t matter -.-’

It´s not locking up, it just ain´t showing the progress, happens to me to, it says it´s at like 5 portalflow when it´s in fact on VRAD. When this happens ctrl alt delete and go to the processes window, there you can actually see if it´s running VVIS or VRAD.

  1. I didn’t know about func_detail
  2. Noone ever told me small brushes fuck your compiling

My small brushes were stakes holding down planks of wood.