Complete Computer Crashes

So here I am, enjoying myself and attempting to pose amateur scenes as an outlet of my creative mind, and I experience some seemingly random (and rather irritating) crashes caused by the game… all the way to where I have to boot my computer back up.

Now I understand that Garry’s Mod is notoriously unstable, but perhaps one of you fine gentlemen / ladies out there would be kind enough to assist me.

Here are computer specs (as much as I can provide) to help out with the troubleshooting.




I hope someone can help, I’m in desperate need of it!

Oh do I feel enlightened. :_(

Gmod is stable.
Addons are not.

Garry’s mod should never crash your computer to the point you have to restart it, sounds like something else. I would check temperatures with HWmonitor

Are you kidding? On my old PC Gmod fucked up so many times I lost count. ;(

I suspected overheating but swept that idea aside, since with multiple different applications the temperatures where maintained within acceptable parameters, sometimes even exceptional.

I’ve played on games like MW2 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky without encountering a single problem, which somewhat gives the graphics card a “get out of jail - free” card on overheating. Maybe the sensors are wrong?

I’ll use your suggested program and see if it gives the same readings.


Found while gaming my GPU Core skyrocketed to a horrifying 57 degrees Celsius (ouch!), or a whopping 134 degrees Fahrenheit for us American folks. Closed out of Gmod shortly after seeing that to prevent further damage (hopefully none at all :_[).

Suppose I’ll go to the nearest Walmart and see if I can purchase some “compressed air” to blow out any dust buildups, as this problem wasn’t an issue before.

Interesting how none of the other programs gave any sort of heads up about that.

Was nice knowing ya.

What do you want on your gravestone?

Well, since cleaning it out and adding one more fan just above the power supply (mine is set to the bottom blowing up, isn’t that wonderful?) I’ve dropped the GPU (and most other devices) by about 7 degrees Celsius, which is great.

But alas, I now believe this is some sort of driver / addon problem. When I spawn certain NPC’s (or models) it’ll black out my computer within a matter of milliseconds.

Will flush out my Gmod and keep the essentials.

Make sure video drivers are up to date