Complete computer freeze when playing Rust

Hi guys,
I’ve recently built a new computer and now i’m starting to face problems. The problem started today after playing 30 minutes of rust. My computer goes into a complete freeze, monitor goes into sleeping mode and my pc does not respond to anything (ctrl+alt+delete/caps lock etc.) except a hard reset. This only happens when playing Rust for like 30 minutes. I was able to play Rust without any problems for hours after each other, but i think that since a new patch arrived the problems started. I’ve read on some forums that some people are facing the exact same problem as i do but i couldn’t find any clue.
My specs:

i5 6600K Sapphire
R9 380X (AMD)
MSI z170A Gaming Pro
Corsair RM550X
HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4 2300MHz

I Know another chap who had the same problem it may be drivers try to role back a couple, i also had these freeze problems and it was caused by win 10

I am having the exact same issue whet my game is crashing after about 1 minute, I have tried many different versions of the Crimson drivers but the drivers appear to not be the problem. I’m using a R9 380 4gb it appears that many people with R9 series cards are all having the same issue.

Hmm that’s weird, there is a Crimson beta driver but i’m not sure if i’m going to install it… But for me the problem really looks software related.

Just updated my GPU driver to Crimson 16.4 (Beta). Hope it fixes the problem, otherwise it must be a BIOS update that caused the problem.

Im using fx 8350 + vga r9 380 4gb too, and its fuckin randomly crashing while playing game!!! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy