Complete copy of sandbox = New gamemode?

Alright guys, I just saw this horrid… horrid gamemode “Five Nights At Freddy’s” It’s just Sand Box renamed and put to a map. It literally has every line directly from gmod wiki, heres some code (don’t stare to long). I tried to comment and tell him my opinoins, he kept deleting thm, I tried to add him, insta blocked. Like what a meanie head.

Don’t be a Desmond (He has now changed his profile link, and removed the bad gamemode :slight_smile:


  • Set the ServerName every 30 seconds in case it changes…
    – This is for backwards compatibility only - client can now use GetHostName()
    local function HostnameThink()

    SetGlobalString( “ServerName”, GetHostName() )


timer.Create( “HostnameThink”, 30, 0, HostnameThink )
Wtf… I mean. WTF?!?

List bad gamemodes below :smiley:
(by the way this is not to advertise servers, just to express complaints about specific gamemodes)

More code found:


function GM:CheckPassword( steamid, networkid, server_password, password, name )

-- The server has sv_password set
if ( server_password != "" ) then

	-- The joining clients password doesn't match sv_password
	if ( server_password != password ) then
		return false, "#GameUI_ServerRejectBadPassword"


-- Returning true means they're allowed to join the server
return true

I just recoded his whole gamemode, my results?

Yes, I know… I’m Elite Pr0

This guy… Please allow me to post a meme photo mods :stuck_out_tongue:

--------------------Meanie Head’s Words-----------------------------------------------
Desmond… [author] 4 minutes ago
Anyways dude.
At first it was quite funny to remove your posts
But now i’ve got quite bored out of it
Feel free to spam up my workshop addon, i guess?

I don’t hide it that i copy pasted ‘base’ gamemode and modified it without pulling out unused stuff aswell. So scold me more senpai lolz

--------------------My words-----------------------------------------------
[lua]-- Set the ServerName every 30 seconds in case it changes…
– This is for backwards compatibility only - client can now use GetHostName()
local function HostnameThink()

SetGlobalString( “ServerName”, GetHostName() )


timer.Create( “HostnameThink”, 30, 0, HostnameThink )
Sorry, this is used?

Hahah, someone asked me to host a server for this gamemode

I think I’ll go through the files first

gmod right now bothers me, the most popular gamemodes on workshop is like a full page of prop hunt edits and slight variations, i miss fancy new gamemodes which did cool things

It would definitely be a great idea to check the gamemode for something or even better try to talk the person out of running this “gamemode”.


I guess moral of this story is…
OP is not ready… for freddy…

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For real now, swik, don’t be upset. gamemode is popular so what. Do you not have better things to worry about?

You can’t even finger a person’s gamemode if you’re just keep being jealous in someone’s popular gamemode.

I don’t think it’s the fact that’s its popular, just the fact that the whole is is C&P’d from the wiki and doesn’t really deserve its popularity since no actual effort was put into it.

PS. I like burgers and sweaty hotdogs.

I subscribed to this and extracted it. It’s not really a copy of Sandbox, although however almost EVERYTHING is taken from Base Gamemode!

Freddy’s is on the left, base is on the right. I used for reference.

Here’s a text compare of shared.lua:

Here’s a text compare of init.lua:

Here’s a text compare of cl_init.lua:


sv_player.lua (This one actually has some original code!)

This pretty much shows everything wrong with the Garry’s Mod community; You can put the absolute bare minimal effort into something and as long as it’s relating to a fad, it’ll become super popular and complete fucking morons will defend it

Check this on the list of GMs I’ll never play.

Well let us be honest.
It was made with no effort and got immensely popular due to memetic status alone, while other people see their hard work be ignored.
Your anger is understandable, but futile. Complaining will not do anything. The fnaf gamemode exists, it is popular, and there is nothing that can be done to it. All you can do no is strive to create better content yourself, and hope the use base will notice it, rather than wallowing on memes and fads.
But we know the userbase to well for that, do we not?

Yes it will

Robotboy handles Steam Workshop stuff and also frequently uses Facepunch. While it won’t solve anything with the community related issues, at the very least it is possible to get the gamemode removed from the Workshop

Same as PurgeRP, this is the reason I got upset, not out of envy XD I offered him gamemode lessons lol

Regardless of wether or not it is removed, the damage has been done, and this kind of meme-related workshop items will continue.
Removing one gamemode will only clear the way for 10 more.
What is the point of getting the gamemode removed beyond petty vengeance?

id rather pretend it was helping than give up hope altogether, maybe one day we will live in a greener world where people are uploading creative new gamemodes and addons every day rather than selling 5 dollar darkrp huds and pushing out another variation of prop hunt with slightly different funny taunts

Why don’t everyone just spend their energy creating their own stuff and making it better, instead of shitting on what everyone else is doing…?

why shouldn’t people offer criticism to things that legitimately deserve rework and improvement? maybe the coders of said gamemodes could make some REALLY cool unique stuff but instead they’re c+ping from a wiki and adding models and releasing a “”“gamemode”"", why not try to push them in the direction of creative stuff & at the same time help others stay away from bland, boring and non unique gamemode creation?

If your goal is to offer criticism to the creator of said gamemode, you’re not doing a very good job here, how do you know they even read this?

It’s not your responsibility to make others try harder at what they’re doing; not that I am complaining that this is a bad thing, mind.

Just seems to be a general trend on facepunch where it’s mostly bashing other people’s work just because people have too much time on their hands.

(I am not defending the gamemode, just voicing some observations)

Even if it is an excuse for people to trash this game, it’s peoples opinions. They’re entitled to it.