"Complete games" in S&Box

Imagine using the S&Box to build a complete game that will be distributed through the sbox platform

Will it be possible to assemble a “complete game” in the style of Half-Life 2 Downfall using only the tools present in the S&Box? I imagine that with the platform that S&Box is providing, distributing these games to the community would be something much easier.

I’m a Unreal Engine / C++ developer since 2017 and Unity developer since 2013. I am following the development of S&Box since the first build developed with Unreal Engine and it makes sense that the game has been ported to Source 2. There are tools that since source 1 facilitate the creation of community content, especially tools related to Level Design.
One of the things I want to do when I can get my hands on the sandbox is to test this idea of “complete game”, I have some singleplayer/multiplayer ideas written in a folder and I believe that the sandbox would be a great place to prototype and even develop them.

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Hard to know for certain at this point in time. Maybe?

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Yes, Many games came from the first game engine and their assets.

Whilst your options at first will be few, there is nothing stopping you from creating a game just like HL2 or even HL Alyx .The library of default imports will most likely continue to grow.


You can make a complete game in the sandbox, however, I would really recommend using an actual engine. The better control is very much in that case more important than “Source 2”

People do this in Roblox all the time. You are bound to the limitations of the engine, though. You are also limited in terms of multiplayer scalability. Matchmaking systems are possible but requires a lot of infrastructure. All of this was possible in Garry’s Mod too.

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Yeah, well…
I would recommend checking if your project is ambitious enough to face possible limitations of Source 2 / S&Box.
If so, use something else. Else, you may use S&Box to develop an entire game, I see no problem.

how would one get direct access to s2? :thinking:


You would not, I am saying using S2 at all is less important than the control and stability of an engine in a project of that nature. UE4/Unity you can just freeze the version at whatever you need and then go from there, many times being able to modify the engine

This is one of the key feature of s&box, and what development is geared towards. You’ll notice that a large number of commits are to do with workflow and ease of use for developers rather than them actually working on the sandbox gamemode.

S&box has always been this idea of a hot-loading powerful C# API on top of a good engine to drive rapid game development with minimal hassle and a simple feature-rich workflow. It was originally going to be on top of UE4, before they got their hands on source 2.

Edit: it should be noted that there are also plans for making multiplayer features such as matchmaking and party systems easy for developers, along with other useful mechanics used in games today.


Email Valve’s licensing manager and pray.

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Well, yeah, you could do that in s&box and also get monetized for that. But why would you do that in a sandobox game instead of the actual S2 engine?

Maybe s&box is a really good sandbox, but Source 2 has less limitations tthan s&box for sure.

Think this as a matroska doll, s&box is made using Source 2 . Therefore, the most open and efficient way is always creating from Source 2.

However, maybe s&box will be more easy to use and more user-friendly than Source 2 so it could help some small devs to create a small game (or a sotisphicated map), but never a game like, for example, Half Life Alyx.

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The biggest problem with Source 2 now is that VALVe said it would make the engine available to everyone in 2015. To date, this has not happened, few studios have had access to all Source tools, which ends up forcing us to use other engines.


Indeed, valve time

Wow I forgot about that. I cannot believe it’s been that long.