complete l4d pack

one that works

with all the survivors
special infected
from both games (2 hunters,2smokers,2male boomers and 2 tanks)
aswell as a few comon infected
and the uncommon infected
as both player models
and snpcs
with some normal npcs (rebel hunter for example)

then vehicles

and human sweps

and infected ones (would you have to get garry’s team to make the animations?)

there is already a “complete” l4d pack but its not realy as “complete” as i would like it

Characters and Weapons

Infected models

Player models

Newest Special infected

You could just have searched though. There are also no NPC’s, the Vehicles are mostly already in the game.

i dont believe the infected are player models

By all means, search yourself.

It’s impossible to do SNPCS or that stuff everyone would like,you need a engine change.If garry did an engine change,he would lose big part of the community.Not everyone can afford the best PC that exists.


why would it need a new engine?

Why would updating take away part of the community? I know it would have bugs, but people would be loyal to the man who created what they live of off, wouldn’t they? What would happen so bad that half the players just quit it made them so angry? RAGE QUIT OF THE CENTURY!

infected models arent playable

the hunter swep is better for getting around or giving yourself health, it doesnt pin anyone