Complete new aiming system???

So I just patched to the latest experimental version, and it seems like there is a complete different.

The Holo zooms atleast 1.5x what it used to, recoil pattern is different. And it looks like the scaling is just completely messed up??

Is this just a “fail” or is it ment to be like this in the future?

Wish people would learn to understand the complaining get’s you no where is life! An alpha game is really not to be played and especially by complainers. Beta on the other hand is meant to be played understanding that tons of bugs will be found and reported for a future flawless game.

I for one and so excited to be able to participate in this Alpha game since day 1 and also understand that bugs bugs and more bugs will be part of my gaming experience.

If you find something that shouldn’t be part of the game, or you dislike about the new patches, hotfixes or whatever, maybe posting something like: “I found that the holo site now covers 50 percent of the weapon, is that how it’s supposed to be”?

Maybe people that complain should go back to playing Tibia or terraria not this fun game of RUST!

Not sure what you’re talking about, because he’s not complaining. He’s just asking a question.

Thank you Jacksn, finally someone with common sense.

I’m pretty sure im not the only one that feels this way btw. I already talked to many of old pre alpha players, and they are all a bit sad of this. Not that we know for sure if it might be like this. But it could be awesome with some kind of clarification

They increased holo-zoom? Sweet.

yeah ; i didn’t like this too

Nothing has changed Wornout, you’re still just bad. muhaha :smiley:

So true wornout, the whole aim system is fucked up! Hope they fix it soon…

A new aiming system is implemented? Time to update my rust client then. I wouldn’t worry at all if it was completely broken in the beginning of its implementation.

Yeah. The rocket launcher doesn’t even shoot very far.

complaint or not, the entire point of running an application through alpha and beta is to test, receive feedback from users, and test some more. how exactly are the devs supposed to know about these issues unless we bring them up? Hmmm?

Are you dumb? If people don’t state issues that need fixed, those issues will stay, and in the end, we’ll have a crappy game. Community feedback is one of the most important things in development, especially alpha. So now if the best time to complain about things, rather than later.

Haha!, Ill rek u mate :wink:

wait are there guns in experimental ? or did this change the main abandoned versio ?

No guns in experimental but zoom seems a bit different on legacy.

I’m confused?? there are guns on the experimental??

I can’t seem to take of my bomb vest and ‘suicide’ doesn’t work!!!

I got an crosshair now, wtf!?