Complete New HD HUD

Monitors these days should always be able to produce clear, 1440x900 Resolution.
That is my Monitor’s maximum anyway, but onto the point.

When creating a picture, I always start in 1920x1200 Resolution mode, even though my monitor only goes to 900p. This is because to me, the quality is always better than one made at 1440x900 as it is, in a way, squashed down, it still retains it’s detail.

So, using this as the starting point, I wanted a completely new HUD in Garrys Mod 10.

I’m new to creating things for Garrys Mod, so if anyone would like to tell me how to do it, I’ll happily take my time and create it.

I wanted a HUD that is the highest possible Resolution, so it looks good.
This is mainly because I’m sick of the current Half-Life style HUD, I don’t own CS:S so I don’t know if it would be any different, but it bores me to see the same yellow writing and shapes all over my screen.

If there’s already one out, please tell me, if not, tell me how to make it.

Thanks in advance, WaterMelnKidd

Why do you need a HUD when making screenshots?

Sorry… what?

I just want a new HUD in the game.

The Half-Life 2 HUD bores me and feels really blocky when I’m messing about with props.

I’m bored with it too, so good luck.

Ah, nevermind. It’s just that you said about when you’re making pictures and it threw me off somewhat.

Anyway, there’s quite a few HUDs on, see if any of those take your fancy.

I had a feeling that when creating a HUD, you started off with a picture?

Like, you create a picture with your HUD Icons and stuff at the bottom, or wherever you want, then you use that picture as the HUD in the game…

Anyway, It would be good if someone explained how to create a HUD…

Here’s one I use and like a lot.

Just search ‘hud’ on and you should be able to find a lot of them. More information on the Depth HUD is on the page.

Some cool features on it:
-When in a vehicle, you see your speed (mph or km)
-Clock (VERY useful)
-HUD configuration menu (change color, etc)
-Ability to turn off HUD with one click without console commands (in configuration menu)

Hope this helps with what you were looking for.

Yeah, I use DepthHud too.

I recommend DepthHUD_Inline, the updated version of DepthHUD. Other than that, there are a few other decent ones, but if your looking for something that looks a bit like high quality half life 2 style, DepthHUD is the best choice.