Completely Out Of Ideas


a milk drinking russian robot SNPC?

an addon that isn’t useless.

Thats super constructive.

It would be different from what you normally make.

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I don’t get why the Lua section is so unfriendly sometimes.

Make a russian dude named Joe that can pour some kind of liquid on your corpse, and it revives you. When you’re revived you should also speak like a Microsoft Sam. You should also get drunk from milk.

Make a Lua script that pretends it’s a girl when it’s really a male furfag who likes to dress up in his mothers underwear.

How about Empires weapons?

Hey zoey how bout my idea?

a weapon or weapons pack that evolves by how you use it

like accuracy kills give the weapon scopes or better sights

or close range kills gives the weapon a bayonet or incendiary ammo



because everyone is british and when we dont get our tea then we need to dish it out on anyone we dont like

What about a simple stamina bar that limits your sprinting abilities; Similar to PERP? Or maybe a DECENT tazer SWEP? By decent I mean one that is somewhat hard to abuse. (IE repea shocking; Give it some kind of cool down timer like 30 seconds). Or, and this might be somewhat hard, A SWEP that allows you to track someone… as in you shoot them or there vehicle and it puts an arrow at the center of the top of your screen showing where they are.

Also ignore the trolls; though your addons may be random, they’re not useless. I don’t use everyone of your addons but they’re all fun in there own way.

PS: Breakable bones? If you fall from so many units you break your legs and have your walk speed cut in half and you are unabl to run. You take 40+ damage to a certain part of your body and you break a bone in that area?



Where i shall go, There will be troll…

Idea alert - idea alert
Make holding alt allow you to have a free cam, like in arma2.
If you’re walking, and hold alt, you can look around and stuff and keep walking in the same direction. And you’re char doesn’t move, just you’re view.

edit: Forgot to say I realllllyyy want you to make that :smiley:

They can’t handle you

they just jelly

you too fly to quit now

A gamemode to release DarkRPs fearsom grasp on people…

Make a Resident Evil Inventory menu and a Resident Evil ammo hud,
or Release your riot shield? maybe a put the L4d1 voices to the L4d2 sweps 98update? Zombie overload powers? Slowmotion with bullets v4 ( fixs the bullets glitches )? or make a weather addon? Add god power sweps like making lighting strikes from the sky or make an earthquake something form the elements all in 1 swep or in a addon? Finish dynamic fighting music?

gave u plenty suggestions

How about this

I was actually thinking about that sometime ago.

Im trying to remake my TF2 Weapons into a new standard, using ONLY c_models, World models, Tracers, Muzzle flahses and the effects of the weapons.

An addon inside an addon.