Completely run off the game from hackers/dupers/exploits

Since last night a group of 3 on US central 1, started raiding my base all with 10c4, 100+ low qual metal, kev, m4, bolt actions ea, and 500+ ammo. The 1st time they took down 4 doors looted my stuff then we killed 2 of them. 20 minutes later they came back with same gear + more took down another 3 doors and we killed them again. As I get back on today every door on me and my 3 friends metal base were changed, and equals to 37 METAL DOORS. All changed. This time the only items they looted were c4 and supplies to make them so we are all completely stuck. And I don’t want to see posts about it’s a fucking alpha. Well no shit, that is the point. If people didn’t post about problems of an alpha then it would never leave alpha…Hacker and exploiters will run this game straight into the ground especially when only one cheater can ruin an entire server. Hopefully new ways to prevent these exploiters will come out soon before they can do even more damage to servers.

i agree, i created a post just like this and they locked it.

well, ban op for getting hacked by hacker xD

This exact issue buried War Z and very nearly buried DayZ as well.

The team at Facepunch needs to take action sooner rather than later, and trying to appease us with loose promises of “bans months down the road” is completely unacceptable.

Take note and act now, or watch this game follow the same route of the other failed survival sandboxes. This game has potential to be a smash hit, are you willing to throw that potential away due solely to inaction when you could have acted?

Food for thought.

I’m confused, where exactly did any supposed hacking take place? All I see here is a post whining about being raided.

Lol, on UK3 some guy blew up all my walls and build a 50 story metal structure right behind my base. Me and my team just quit UK3 since theres no point of playing on that server if theres hackers lurking everywhere.

I am almost giving up as well. I have a lot of kevlar and weapons stocked up, but I can’t use them because I will end up getting headshotted by someone who bought a hack.

do you know how many c4 and grenades is needed to take down 37 metal doors? especially at new costs of making them?

i playon a server and ive never seen a hacker. you just need good solid admin control.

well, i think alot of the duping has to do with client sided things, sure the items are stored on the server, but when the servers were getting ddos’d you could pull items out of storage no problem once you got in even with no server connection, which leads me to believe that it is handled on the client side, when it needs to be handled via server.

loool :)))

Central 3 test is fucked because of this as well. Everyone I talk to is giving up on this game already because of this. Alpha or not if they do nothing against this it becomes a joke.

Grow some balls dev. actively mod and ban fukin everyone who does this shit. It aint hard to investigate its not rocket science , so many are just over the top.

someone has a tower of metal that is at least 20-30 stories high.

Just sitting on top aimbotting with the bolt action…

why don’t they just remove c4 till they have a fix.

pff who care about hacker, better work on putting new riffle and helicopter, those are cool thing :smiley:

Recruiting some more devs into the team would be nice and also give rust it’s own forums that are actually organized.

Hope thats sarcasm…

But in case it isnt… i gave you a disagree :suicide:

A L P H A. Ever hear of it?

Maybe you should chill out and let them fix things? They know of these issues no need to spam the forums.

Also find a server with non-derp admins that ban people, problem solved.

I’m seriously getting sick and tired of trying to bash this through people’s heads…

This is an alpha, there are going to be glitches, exploits, hacks, crashes and, wipes. Hacks and exploits are to be expected even more than normal alphas because the only screening process to get into it is, “Do you have $20 to spend on the game?”

That said, be happy the hacks and exploits are showing up now. Sooner said issues are found, the less code to dig through(potentially) to find the cause and fix em.

Additionally, absolutely nothing should be “disabled” because of the hackers/exploiters floating around because, guess what? IT’S NOT GOING TO MATTER! We’ll have a game update eventually, there’ll be wipes and everyone’s back to square one.

If the game was gold, or at a point in beta where updates wouldn’t cause wipes, I’d probably sing a different tune, but right now, be happy the game plays as well as it does especially considering it’s an alpha.