Completely screwed up Gmod

I keep getting this error message when I try to do certain things:

The instruction at “0x1b9317bd” referenced memory at “0x0ffab018”. The memory could not me “Read”. Click ok to terminate the program.

This happens when I try to go under construct, try to go multiplayer, and hit G-man with a crowbar!
Please help!

Do you own GMod? Your Steam Profile Link is not working.

Until you do not post a working profile we, or at least I won’t help you

I failed. Anyway, Here’s the link.

could you give us your pc specs?

I don’t know what specs to find, nor where to find them. =(

Get more RAM.

I’ll try that, thanks.

Download speccy. No he doesn’t need more RAM, he’s probolay on a intel graphics card.

OP, download Speccy

most problems are related to intel… one way or another