Completely Useless Request....But I'll Make It Anyway

I’d love to have the environmental sounds (like the wind in the north) dampened when I go inside my house. I know it’s completely pointless but my newman is tired of always feeling like he’s freezing…so yeah, there it is :slight_smile:

that wouldnt be something added until the game is almost done

Also stop the sunlight coming through my base. Feels like im outside with open sky above me when im on bottom floor of a 7 story base

Would be nice if fire provided warmth inside your base as well.

But those are little things.

Volumetric heating! (dont think i used the words right) Wouldnt it be cool to make a room, light the fire(suffocate) or furnace (still suffocate) or some other kind of heater(not implemented) close the door, and be in %50 comfort throughout the room?

I think so!

You wouldn’t even have to suffocate if the devs added the ability to build chimneys to your lovely little base

If they added suffocation i will build gas chambers and rebuild the third reich.

I don’t think this is a useless request at all! Just because it’s about sound only doesn’t make it any less important! This would add so much atmosphere to the game, I really hope Alex reads this thread.

I agree, atmosphere and immersiveness can go a long way

Oh God it’s Wolfenstein all over again.


Yes because this was more important than stability apparently

Yeah…I’m sure the audio guy created the stability system…

Lol no your right the audio is actually one bright spot with the game really, always improving and rarely a bug imagine that