Completion RUST ?

Hello, I would like to ask when the planned completion of the game Rust? Marking up the game after completion?
Sorry for my English, I do not speak English. (Translate)’

Thank you, for an.

id say 2 years until its done? maybe more depending on how mush they gunna add to the game

snip nvm

7 months :rolleyes:. its hard to say from this early perspective

Rust isn’t dead yet? So many survival games are cloned now from Rust, and going very well (it’s not an advert or something). Just my recent post, in the past was 100% true.

Developing is on zero now, they waste to much time and nothing moves. How many people still playing it? I am sure less, if you compare from the beggining, all gone to another projects and too bad.

Nobody knows. Not even Garry knows. It will be done when it is done.

You’re obviously unaware that they’re entirely rebuilding the game from the ground up. (And it’s wayyyyy better)

And the fact that it wasn’t foreseen is hilarious.

Two versions of Rust running at this point guys.

One is rarely being updated (Recently updated due to some bug fixes, but the last update since then was in May). The Experimental Rust is being updated practically daily.