Completly nude Zoey from L4D

So,I have 2 variations of nude Zoey model from L4D but I was wondering,can anyone make a completly nude model of her,just like Alyx has (loads of 'em >_> ).Also one thing I would beg you to do to it (if you (anyone :smiley: ) will be kind to make it) to give her better boobies than on the old one,where they were…hmm…rather strange…
Anyway,hope someone can help me-it’s for personal use,although it will probably be released for the public.
So,I hope someone will be kind enough to help me :3

cough perv cough cough

coughIs in all of uscough

EDIT:Bad spelling?Like where?

Don’t me so immature.

I believe somebody was working on one last I checked using a modified nude Alyx, but I don’t know what happened to it.

Damn…I still hope somebody could make it (or find that one) :smiley:

I would suggest doing a hack of Rochelle’s arms instead of getting the manly hands and shoulders of Fake factory’s Alyx.

Anyone? :3

Nude mods are the saddest thing. I mean, really? There’s so much porn and so much nudity available pretty much everywhere else on the internet, but you’re choosing to ruin your game? Are you really that desperate to see some boobs? And not just any boobs, but fake videogame boobs?

You may have a problem.


I lol’d.If you have a problem with this,go somewhere else.