Complex Ranking System

Warning: I have a ton of ranks, and a complicated way of organizing them, and a ton of details involving them.

In between the dotted lines are 6 ranks (not including owner rank), let’s refer to them as “tiers” for this though. Within each tier are different titles which are identical in server privileges, but different in rank color and player model, both of which are specified at the topmost grade for each title. Each title has grades which update automatically after so much time until you reach a “complete” rank, then it must be manually set to the higher rank.
Client Tier is 12 hours between grades.
Regular is 24 hours between grades.
Journeyman is 36 hours between grades.
Moderator is 48 hours between grades.
Admin is 72 hours between all but the last grade which takes 96 hours to complete.
The lowest grade “Minge” is for people who cause trouble but don’t deserve a ban. Their grades are only manually changed.

Here’s an organized list:

Minge Name Assignments(#66471A)
Antagonist (charple)
Persistent Troll (charple) SECONDARY

Spammer (fzombie)
Oblivious Button Masher (fzombie) SECONDARY

Potty Mouth (zombine)
Shit Talker (zombine) SECONDARY

Client Name Choices

Newbie (#999999) (male7)
Newbie Complete

Regular Name Choices

Architect (#6CB6FF) (hostage_04)
Architect Grade I
Architect Complete

Constructor (#004993) (odessa)
Constructor Grade I
Constructor Complete

Journeyman Name Choices

Apprentice (#67BD09) (barney)
Apprentice Grade I
Apprentice Grade II
Apprentice Complete

Volunteer (#358C00) (hostage_01)
Volunteer Grade I
Volunteer Grade II
Volunteer Complete

Freelancer (#00FF00) (male16)
Freelancer Grade I
Freelancer Grade II
Freelancer Complete

Moderator Name choices

Officer (#FF8000) (police)
Officer Grade I
Officer Grade II
Officer Grade III
Officer Complete

Superintendent (#FFFF00) (breen)
Superintendent Grade I
Superintendent Grade II
Superintendent Grade III
Superintendent Complete

Director (#BD8E20) (leet)
Director Grade I
Director Grade II
Director Grade III
Director Complete

Duke (#E3C102) (hostage_03)
Duke Grade I
Duke Grade II
Duke Grade III
Duke Complete

Admin Name Choices

Conquerer (#951C25) (prison)
Conquerer Grade I
Conquerer Grade II
Conquerer Grade III
Conquerer Grade IV
Conquerer Complete

Vanquisher (#DF0000) (combine)
Vanquisher Grade I
Vanquisher Grade II
Vanquisher Grade III
Vanquisher Grade IV
Vanquisher Complete

Sovereign (#800080) (stripped)
Sovereign Grade I
Sovereign Grade II
Sovereign Grade III
Sovereign Grade IV
Sovereign Complete

Demigod (#673147) (gman)
Demigod Grade I
Demigod Grade II
Demigod Grade III
Demigod Grade IV
Demigod Complete

Daemon (#BE4141) (super)
Daemon Grade I
Daemon Grade II
Daemon Grade III
Daemon Grade IV
Daemon Complete

Owner (#FFFFFF) (any model)

Now for privileges:

Minge Tier
Weapons: None
Commands: None
Cannot use voice chat, noclip disabled, cannot jump, always crouching. Text chat only.

Client Tier
Weapons: Gravgun, Physgun, Camera, Toolgun, and Crowbar (only does 2 damage per hit).
Commands: !alert (shows a waypoint saying “HELP” on all highest ranking users’ screen pointing where the person “alerting” is on the map)

Regular Tier
Weapons: Lower ranks’ + HL2 Pistol and normal Crowbar
Commands: Lower ranks’ + !votekick, !votegag

Journeyman Tier
Weapons: Lower ranks’ + SMG that burst fires 3
Commands: Lower ranks’ + !kick, !gag, !voteban

Moderator Tier
Weapons: Lower ranks’ + Normal SMG, Shotgun (only 6 rounds, no double firing)
Commands: Lower ranks’ + !ban # (up to 48 hours, no perma. 0 and no number specified defaults to 12 hours), !kill (cannot respawn for 30 seconds), !strip (strips all weapons and tools from the specified player, respawning doesn’t give back weapons), !equip (opposite of strip)

Admin Tier
Weapons: All available
Commands: Lower ranks’ + !ban (perma enabled), !promote NAME # (numbers 1-5, each title assigned a number), !demote NAME # (1-4), !punish NAME # (1-3), !punish2 NAME # (1-3, this is for the secondary titles for troublemakers)

I ask that if you’re willing to work on this, just post here so I know that this thread didn’t go unnoticed. I know it’s a TON of work, but it’s… kinda what I want. And if possible, make it compatible with different admin plugins please.