ComplexGaming [24/7] AIRDROPS Rust++ [SLEEPERS] NO DECAY

Welcome Nothing special just another friendly PVP Rust server
No spamming chat
No hacking IN ANWAY such as (Flying,AutoGather,ExtraSpeed,Or even modifying game files to shoot through walls)
Do Not cause a mass argument in chat please it is very annoying

We have 1-2 active admins a day for problems with the server nothing else
We have 200 slots server is hosted in america unkown city or state
Airdrops are a regular thing on our server.
No decay
No Nudity

Want to connect easier then just searching through the large amount of pages?
While in main menu (Not Connected into a game)
Hit F1 this will bring up a console
Copy and paste this into the console
You will now begin to join hit F1 to exit console